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spanked sweetiesIn response to CRR reader “TJ” who requested more cherryred blog coverage on the delightful Spanked Sweetie Constance, recently featured on Spanked Sweeties, we submit some more cherry-cheeked imagery below.  She’s very expressive and a great pouter! And is also candidly interviewed about her spanking history and experiences.  Sweeties is also available via the multi-site Clare Pass.

Constantly in trouble, little miss Constance has a lot to learn apparently….

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Visit SpankedSweeties for instant access to these films, and tons more red-assed action.

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Naughty Constance Debuts on SpankedSweeties

Love this bad girl’s expression! Strict, stern and no-nonsense, Lorelei plays the old-fashioned Mom in this scorching hawt film playing now on Sweeties. Stay tuned for the Daddy video….

Growing up as a strict preacher’s daughter, Constance ending up becoming a top fetish model and makes her red-ass debut deliciously at Spanked Sweeties re-enacting some of her domestic discipline memories — she is also interviewed at length about her strict upbringing. . .

domestic discipline video from SpankedSweeties
Constance has a date with her Mom’s hairbrush — playing now only at Spanked Sweeties.

P.S.  On a side note, check out this blog post on my favest Sweeties galleries of all time.

sweeties spanked
A sneak-peak at more domestic discipline scenes starring the forever naughty and misbehaving Constance….

domestic discipline video from SpankedSweeties

Sweeties is also available via the better valued multi-site Clare Pass.

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