Got Chloe Love? A SpankedSweeties Spanking Debut!

Spanked Sweeties.
Chloe Love gets punished by Dad and Mom in the latest old-fashioned spanking update at SpankedSweeties.  For fans of tiny short-shorts, this is a must-see.

Yet another super cute Chloe! Recently we had the exquisite Chloe Amour debuting on Sweeties, and continuing that theme, this just in: the latest hot-off-the-press SpankedSweetie is the beautiful Chloe Love, making her pro spanking debut — though she’s no stranger to a tanned hide it seems…..There’s also mouth soaping in this update, Daddy’s belt, tiny daisy duke shorts, and more cherryred hotness. 

chloe love sweetiesPlus Chloe is interviewed in detail about her real-life spanking experiences.  You can also get yourself hooked up with Sweeties via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass.  YES!

For more Chloe Love, surf on over to Spanked Sweeties: Old-Fashioned, Traditional Domestic Discipline, Panties Down!

spanking site Spanked Sweeties

Anikka Albrite is Insane. Insanely Hot.

anikka albrite spanked

What up my spanky peeps.  Well, you see, I just watched the first part on Spanked Sweeties of the daisy duke clad and truly stunning and delightfully vocal Anikka Albrite getting punished by her “StepDad” in the latest bun blazer on Sweeties, and I must say, it’s simply sublime — and quite intriguing, spanktastically speaking, cherryred-style.  Very hot!  [Sweeties is also available via the Clare Pass.]  Anikka’s delicious daisy dukes are quite similar to the ones Kay Richards are rockin’ in the must-see film “Governess Rules.”

Anyway, I initiated a frame-by-frame ass-analysis of this vid, and included some screen-shots from the film below.   Hawtness.  Enjoy!  And stay tuned for more reportage on this Part Deux of this vid when Anikka’s skin tight jean shorts get peeled down. 

anikka albrite spanked otk

Now THOSE are daisy dukes.  Diminutive denim perfection.


BTW, if you dig more spanky pix, I have posted heaps more eye candy over at CherryRedSpanking.  Anyway, stay tuned on SpankedSweeties for the next part of this film, when Anikka’s wicked cute bikini panties get one heck of a cherry reddening. . . .

daisy dukes spanking

For more info, visit:

sweeties spanked

When Cheerleaders Attack and Other Cherry Red Spanking News

What up my spanky peeps.  In cherry red news….Rihanna’s smack-down continues over at SpankedSweeties at the hands of staccato spanker Lana’s iron hand of flaming hot justice.  Lana plays her strict Mom in this scene. Can’t wait for Part 2 featuring Rihanna rockin’ some extremely tight jeans. [Sweeties is also avail via the Clare Pass.]

—-> In case you missed it, check out my Top 10 Favest SpankedSweeties Galleries. Of all time in history.

Mom spanks naughty daughter Rihanna on SpankedSweeties

*  *  *

The wonderfully stern Beverly Bacci gets her spank on at PunishedBrats. . . . .

*  *  *

When cheerleaders attack. Mayhem ensues. Then a hard-spanking Dad gets involved. Cherry redness follows.  Only at Triple A Spanking.

——>Check out a free cheerleader spanking preview gallery.

*  *  *

Errant cheerleaders continue misbehaving over at Sarah Gregory’s Spanking website. According to the site: “Daddy is very upset when his daughter Orias is lying to his face Continue reading “When Cheerleaders Attack and Other Cherry Red Spanking News”

Rosaleen Young: A Classic M-F Tail Blazing Photoset


Rosaleen Young spanked over the knee
Amazing. Love that wheelbarrow position.  Here’s a related gallery featuring Veronica Ricci with some similarly-themed pix, positionally speaking.   And of course there was this Cherry award winning set.

What up my spanky peeps. I think I’m as equally entranced by the long-since retired fetish, bondage and spanking star Rosaleen Young as most other cherry red enthusiasts.  While Rosaleen primarily focused, if I’m not mistaken, on F-F spanking, there are several delicious M-F photosets there, including this scorching hot tail blazer…..

Spanking and fetish star Rosaleen Young

And yes I have made inquiries to try to interview this legendary model.  No luck.  Anyway, Gawd, I love these pix.   The scenario was she got caught raiding the booze closet and paid the price with her bottom. BTW if you dig bondage and dungeons and such, check out this RY video.

Rosaleen Young getting a M-F spanking over the knee

An image of perfection.

Dear Readers: Would you like to see more Rosaleen Young posts like this?

——>I”m also on the hunt for more Rosaleen pix of the M-F variety, if any readers out there care to share their treasure trove. . . .and if you have more pix from this specific photoset, I’d be eternally grateful Thank you.

Check out a few Rosaleen Young spanking vids playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies:

Rosaleen Young spanking videos

Caught Smoking, Stevie Rose Gets a Serious Smackdown on Spanked Sweeties

Dad spanks naughty daughter for smoking on Sweeties
Dad’s home and he’s not happy.


In one of the hardest spanking videos I’ve seen on Spanked Sweeties, spanko lifestyler Stevie Rose is caught smoking and gets scolded and her beautiful backside scorched by her iron-handed “Dad” in this smoking hot domestic discipline scene.

So you see, naturally, I had to do a frame-by-frame, well, ass analysis of this video, so below are a variety of glowing screen-grabs I took from the film……Check out Sweeties to watch the film in its cherry red entirety.  Also accessible via the multi-site Clare Pass.

a daughter gets spanked on clare fonda's spankedsweeties

a Dad spanks his naughty daughter

Check out more spanking pix after the jump. . . . .

Continue reading “Caught Smoking, Stevie Rose Gets a Serious Smackdown on Spanked Sweeties”

Punished by Dad, Katherine Learns a Painful Lesson on SpankedSweeties

This just in: Quite a bun burner of a brand new Dad-Daughter scene on Sweeties. Katherine St. James apparently pissed off her Dad one too many times, in the latest blazing-hot scene on SpankedSweeties, featuring some damn hard spanking and a strict belt strapping that leaves Kat’s perky posterior blazin’ hot, glowing cherry red. . .[Sweeties is also accessible via Clare’s multi-site pass.]

For more Katherine, she also shines in such Shadow Lane films, featuring some seriously strict spanking, as Bad Girls and Brat Whack.

Kat St. James gets spanked by Dad on SpankedSweeties.comKat is rockin’ those cherry-red-tastic short-shorts and super cute panties underneath….though no doubt she will be sleeping on her tummy after this tanning.

>>>>>Check out a gallery from this shoot Here.

Katherine St. James spanked on SpankedSweeties.comNot clear if she’s learned her lesson as of yet over Dad’s lap. . . . .[BTW, Kat is also no stranger to being over Clare Fonda’s lap on SpankedSweeties.]

Kat St. James gets a spankingPeeling her diminutive daisy dukes down, Kat. receives her comeuppance across the seat of her snug bikini panties, offering little protection however. . . .

When she hears the belt coming off, Kat knows she’s in for it…….yikes. . . .

See all the pix and watch the complete video on SpankedSweeties:

Clare Fonda presents

*   *   *   *

P.S. Here are a few Kat St. James screenshots from the Shadow Lane films Bad Girls and Brat Whack both playing On-Demand now at CherryRedMovies.

Tom Byron spanks Kat. St. James in Shadow Lane filmThat is adult film star and spanko Tom Byron playing the firm Father above, and adult/fetish star Greta Carlson playing the traditionally minded Mom below. Tom Byron especially blisters her tight tail hard, via hand, hairbrush and strap.

The Voyeuristic Urge of a SpankoSexual

Aren’t we all voyeurs really? When ya get right down to it? Does the idea of peeking through the proverbial keyhole to witness a good, hot spanking appeal to you? It sounds exquisite to me.

I love this voyeuristic angle, especially the above striking photo which truly gives you the sense, the perspective, the feeling of sneaking in to view some butt blistering.

This photo features Lena Ramon and Chloe Elise courtesy of GirlSpanksGirl. These images are from Clare Fonda’s ass-scorching domestic discipline epic called “Call Me First,” which also stars the lovely Sarah Gregory. I think Lena Ramon is playing the firm Mom here? Ouchies.

[In other news, casting has begun for Clare Fonda’s continuing schoolgirl spankfest saga–EE3: Exclusive Education, Part Three. Stay tuned for the latest. For more sweetness, check out Clare’s flagship site: Spanked Sweeties.]

* * *

The second photo below features new spankee Angel — who I believe is a real-life naughty teenager at 19 — getting a tanning in a classic Dad spanks naughty Daughter scenario courtesy of Real Life Spankings. What a delicious photo from the good folks at RLS. They also have recently featured some very unique outdoor bottom tannings recently, and a double-otk spanking that is intriguing to say the least.

Anyway, I can imagine myself hearing the spanks, and then cracking the door just a tiny bit, and seeing this gorgeous view of her pink bottom matching her pink pjs.

Thoughts, comments, etc welcome as always.

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