Casey Calvert: Naughty Daughter in Trouble!

casey calvert otk spankingThe exquisitely spankable Casey Calvert is deliciously featured in a new smoking hawt Daddy spanks Daughter update from Sarah Gregory Spanking.  And bad gurl Casey is spanked by her traditionally minded Dad, played by none other than John who runs the sizzling Triple A Spank site.

—For more Casey Calvert, enjoy a free gallery with more cherry-cheeked pix—  ^_^

And here’s another gallery from a past update with Momma Clare spanking naughty daughter Casey.

casey calvert spanking

For more info, surf on over to Sarah Gregory’s spanking site.

In other news, stay tuned for a forthcoming feature on this bun-burner starring Veronica Bound and Laci Starr, streaming on-demand now for instant viewing:

punished brats spanking

Free Video Preview: StepDad Spanks Joelle

joelle barros spankedA delicious and domestic cherry-cheeked preview film featuring naughty girl Joelle Barros, getting a StepDaddy spanking — video is courtesy of the wicked hot Triple A Spanking. In case you missed the last posted video, it’s a must-see and featured the enticing Mishka.

For more previews and pix and tasty hot red-ass erotica, surf on over to Triple A Spanking.

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Casey Calvert Gets a Daddy Spanking

Continuing this week’s Casey Calvert themed posts……..Getting expelled from school is never a good thing.  And a talk with Daddy often leads to a memorable trip over the knee, as evidenced here in this smouldering update from Sarah Gregory Spanking, featuring naughty daughter Casey Calvert in serious trouble with Dad.

casey calvert
I don’t think I’m getting through to you, Casey. . . .The traditionally-minded Daddy is played by seasoned disciplinarian John, who runs the excellent Triple A spank site.

And you can see what transpires in this domestic discipline preview gallery….and check out another teaser gallery here. And also do enjoy Sarah’s other scorching hawt site, the always intriguing, hard-discipline Momma Spanking.

—–>All sites can be accessed via Sarah’s better-valued 2-site special offer.


In streaming on-demand spanking video news, CherryRedMovies is being updated just about daily, with heaps of new vids, all avail for instant viewing.  Newbies get to watch 10 min for Free.   YES. 🙂   In addition, tons of Girls Boarding School titles have recently been added including my favorite title featuring Angie.  And the image below is a mosaic of some extremely delicious Editor’s Picks.  Enjoy!

The Spanking World of Adult Film Star Tom Byron

The intersection of the spanking fetish and the world of mainstream adult film has always been a curious one. . .

Tom Byron

Be that as it may, it’s certainly superb to see a famous adult film star who apparently also enjoys gettin’ spanky with it: Tom Byron, who is in the Adult Video News Hall of Fame and has directed and starred in countless films since he broke into the biz in 1982.  Tom has filmed a bunch of steamy spanking films, including several with his own butt on the receiving end.

In his most recent spanking video pictured above, sassy lass Sarah Gregory and the always mischievous Kat St. James feel the wrath of Tom’s well-practiced hand, belt and hairbrush in Shadow Lane’s sizzling new release entitled Bad Girls, which is now playing on-demand at Cherry Red Movies, where you watch what you want. When you want. And you can try it for free. . .

Kailee learns the hard way.

Over the years, Tom has been no stranger to tanning backsides a most lovely shade of cherry red hawtness, as can be seen in his other butt-blazing work Here.  The film pictured below stars a younger Tom Byron going for the rockstar look, and the stunning Virginia Lewis receiving a panty-warming, in one of my personal favs:

Below are several clips of Tom in action for your cherrytastic pleasure: simply click on the video for more info.  The first 2 are from the most recent Shadow Lane Bad Girls vid…..

Here are a few more classic vids clips from the earlier spanking work of Tom Byron — the first one is from the fab flick “Bad Girls Get Spanked.” Enjoy!

P.S.  This just in from CherryRedMovies: recently watched a yummy scene from the film Painful Cure from CalStar, starring a spanking therapist who takes his job quite seriously. Uh huh..more on this film later.

Spanko-Sexualizing The World

I just love “spanko-sexualizing” (I think I just coined a new word?) just about everything, including teasingly hot photos of sizzling hotties. My pervy brain always imagines some kind of erotically-charged tanning-toasting undercurrent among these types of photos. Especially when a thong-clad ass and a sudsy car cleansing is involved. Schwing. (click on pix for a closer view.)

If anyone would like to add in their own captions, that would be fab.

In addition to the legendary Kari Sweets at the top of this post, this beauty is Dawn Avril who has the cutest rebellious, naughty pout I’ve seen in recent memory — and who appears to be overdue for a little bit of butt-bongo.

Regarding Ms. Avril’s choice of skimpy underwear, I do know there are some thong haters in the house, at least according to the last thrilling survey I did on panties and spanking (The Cherry Red Report: Thongs vs. Bikini Panties: The Debate Rages On!), but don’t hate the player. Hate the game.

I have no probs with butt-floss.

Anyway, it’s obvious we see spanko everywhere, as many bloggers have already blogged about. That’s cool though, especially in light of a recent scientific survey (no joke) from Australia that says spanko’s are generally in a happier state of mind. Woo hoo! (More on this intriguing news story here: Bare Bottom Blog: Study finds Spankos are happier.

Now if only I had someone to play with! *sigh* My lap runneth empty. But that’s for another blog post.

So what’s next for us spankosexuals?
I say: World Domination.

p.s. As you can see, I do really dig pervy, squirmy… caring but ever old-fashioned Daddy and fresh, naughty daughter, spoiled teenagers, and various other spanking scenarios.

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