Punished by Dad, Katherine Learns a Painful Lesson on SpankedSweeties

This just in: Quite a bun burner of a brand new Dad-Daughter scene on Sweeties. Katherine St. James apparently pissed off her Dad one too many times, in the latest blazing-hot scene on SpankedSweeties, featuring some damn hard spanking and a strict belt strapping that leaves Kat’s perky posterior blazin’ hot, glowing cherry red. . .[Sweeties is also accessible via Clare’s multi-site pass.]

For more Katherine, she also shines in such Shadow Lane films, featuring some seriously strict spanking, as Bad Girls and Brat Whack.

Kat St. James gets spanked by Dad on SpankedSweeties.comKat is rockin’ those cherry-red-tastic short-shorts and super cute panties underneath….though no doubt she will be sleeping on her tummy after this tanning.

>>>>>Check out a gallery from this shoot Here.

Katherine St. James spanked on SpankedSweeties.comNot clear if she’s learned her lesson as of yet over Dad’s lap. . . . .[BTW, Kat is also no stranger to being over Clare Fonda’s lap on SpankedSweeties.]

Kat St. James gets a spankingPeeling her diminutive daisy dukes down, Kat. receives her comeuppance across the seat of her snug bikini panties, offering little protection however. . . .

When she hears the belt coming off, Kat knows she’s in for it…….yikes. . . .

See all the pix and watch the complete video on SpankedSweeties:

Clare Fonda presents SpankedSweeties.com

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P.S. Here are a few Kat St. James screenshots from the Shadow Lane films Bad Girls and Brat Whack both playing On-Demand now at CherryRedMovies.

Tom Byron spanks Kat. St. James in Shadow Lane filmThat is adult film star and spanko Tom Byron playing the firm Father above, and adult/fetish star Greta Carlson playing the traditionally minded Mom below. Tom Byron especially blisters her tight tail hard, via hand, hairbrush and strap.

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