Fetch Me The Belt: Spank Art From Kami Tora

The latest art from the famed manga & anime illustrator Kami Tora. [For more spanking art, check out his exclusive feature posted last year on CRR.] This new piece is, appropriately enough, entitled “Fetch.”

While he also draws some hardcore non-spanko illos that are not my thing, Kami Tora’s spanking work is alluring and erotic. And his ability to draw a red-hued tanned bottom that looks like it’s literally glowing is a talent unmatched. But in this case here, we have the waiting.

The expectation and the apprehension. And the belt. Ah yes, and the pink shorts dangling at the thigh….making me think of daisy dukes.

Your thoughts?

Hm……Perhaps I should have titled this post “Waiting For Daddy, Part Deux” ? [see previous post on similar, yet ever popular topic.]

I Just Don’t Think These Are Too Short, Daddy

Um…hi there. Completely distracted. Quite sorry. Now it’s time for some short-shorts blog action! and maybe even some spanking.

I just thought these deliriously hot, denim-defying images, recently posted on the Dukes blog, so were…I can drop the f-bomb now that this blog is no longer hosted on Blogger right? ok…ready? errm…..so freakin’….I mean, these pix are so [*CENSORED BY CHERRY RED EDITORIAL BOARD!!*] hot I just thought it would be prudent to re-post ’em here for a wider audience. OK? :shock: You can see more pix from this series by clicking here. After much research and investigation on this topic, I’d put the above photo in the Top-10 All-Time Hottest Dukes Pix.

I do imagine she’s in heavy-duty trouble for sneaking out in such skimpy clothing — and then mouthed off about changing into something more appropriate. And grounding this sassy, fresh girl is simply ineffective and….

And now she’s waiting. . .

**Your thoughts? ?**

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