Guest Blogger Spanking Sarah: Top 10 Model Debuts

Armed with large hands and a stern style, the unstoppable Sarah of Spanking Sarah fame certainly knows how to cherry redden gorgeous bottoms.  Enjoy her special cherry red guest column below!

Guest Blog Post Written by Sarah

We like to have new faces on our sites — sometimes the ladies have never been spanked before, some have never been filmed, some go onto make a lot of movies and some decide never ever to get spanked again!

In no particular order, here are my favorite Top Ten models who have made their spanking debut at Spanking Sarah, English Spankers...or Red Stripe Films.

Kiki is Divine. From English Spankers.

1.  Kiki Divine.  The lovely Kiki made quite a few films with us before deciding spanking just wasn’t for her. The most famous film being the self spanking shower Continue reading “Guest Blogger Spanking Sarah: Top 10 Model Debuts”

Misbehaving Cheerleaders at Triple A Spanking? YES!

danielle huntDelicious buns belong to the highly spankable Danielle Hunt, as seen in a recent and most excellent bun-blazing cheerleader-themed update on the always fantastic Triple A Spanking.

[Triple A certainly films extraordinary cheerleader scenes: for example, check out a free photo gallery of the stunning and sassy cheergirl “Mishka.”]

cheerleaders spankedThe theme continues with this tantalizing trio of cheerleader naughtyness.  Visit Triple A for free high-def preview vids and more info!

P.S. And speaking of trios, check out this free spanking gallery from Triple A featuring some very hot short-shorts.

P.S.S.  And more cherryredtastic cheerleader pix from recent updates:

mishka cheerleader
Look at naughty Mishka…..This gorgeous cheergirl plays with herself on camera and then gets spanked via hand, hairbrush and more !  Epic hotness.
cheergirl leandra
Uh huh. Another recent update was called “Cheerleader Detention” starring a gorgeous Leandra and a very stinging hairbrush.

And don’t get me started on Triple A’s cherry-award winning wheelbarrow style shoots, which are the best of their kind that I’ve seen…..mmm. 🙂

Click to watch free high-def preview vidz!


Cherry Red Spanking Galleries & News

What up my spanky peeps. Enjoy some fresh and tasty morsels of cherry red goodness for y’all.

Some ass-blazing samples from recent fanny-flaming updates at the always intriguing and delicious Spanked in Uniform, which features schoolgirls, cadets, cheergirls, flight attendants and more, all getting it good — and hard!


Have you met Dakota??  file under: Petite.  Teeny tiny spankette Dakota Skye makes her red ass debut at Spanked Call Girls, squirming over the lap of the unstoppable Veronica Ricci. Also avail via the Clare multi-site Pass.


Got short-shorts??  Yup.  Short-shorts and hairbrushes are in abundance in fresh, delicious new updates at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s always sizzling Good Spanking website.  Here we have both Amelia Jane as well as Addie Juniper getting their buns smoked to glowing shades of cherryredness. Uh huh. Also be sure to check out Chelsea’s 2-site special pass. 


Lovely new Sweetie by the name of Constance debuts on Spanked Sweeties, re-enacting domestic discipline scenes….She was the daughter of a preacher, and is interviewed in detail about her experiences in a strict household.  Sweeties is avail as well via the better valued Clare Pass.


Ms. Sydney gives misbehaving schoolgirl Ariel some hard lessons.  Tons and tons of red-ass action going on these days at Punished Brats — visit the site for some free video samples from their latest updates.

—–>Heaps more cherryred hotness below:

Check out what’s streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies. New users? Watch 10 minutes for free Instantly.


A SpankLoad of Cherry Red Spanking News

What up my spanky peeps. And Happy Mother’s Day! Heaps of fresh and tasty and new cherryred-themed wicked hot spanky galleries, and other spanko news items and whatnot, for your viewing pleasure….Enjoy! 🙂

Source image courtesy of the red-ass art and illustration site SpankRed 3D.


The Amazing Artist Known as H-Bum; And More Spanking News of the Red Ass Variety


A new illo by the extraordinary artist “H-Bum.” This is a commissioned piece, and is called “Sailor Scouts.” What is the story behind it? I can only imagine. . .

*  *  *

In other news, I’m stoked that we will be featuring a special cherryred feature spotlight on the stunningly spankable Kami Robertston, pictured below getting a sizzling tanning on Spanked in Uniform.

kami robertson spanked otk
Image courtesy of Spanked in Uniform.

*  *  *

In red-ass news, Happy Birthday to the legendary and unstoppable Chelsea Pfeiffer! Check out her yummy b-day spanking on her GoodSpanking website……..You can also enjoy many of Chelsea’s asstastic work streaming on-demand — perv over to Chelsea’s delicious on-demand movies.

chelsea pfeiffer

*  *  *

Random Cherry Red Ramblings:  I wonder what ever happened to the long-since retired Jessica and Brandi. Where are they now, I wonder. . . .I think this year’s Exclusive Education series should try something different and go with a cheerleader theme.  Just sayin’ . …….Check out this bear-ass spanking sleepover themed update at Triple A Sapnking.

*  *  *

For those that dig the “StepMom from Hell” mofit, the deliriously strict Kordelia Devonshire and delightfully naughty Nikita are back in part two of “Stern Stepmom” on Girl Spanks Girl.  Cherry redness ensues….Also avail via the better-valued Clare Pass.

stern stepmom
Image courtesy of Girl Spanks Girl.   And check out Pix from the first part of this series.

* * *

——>Want to watch just the pulse-pounding red-assed naughty bits?  And enjoy 86 minutes of cherry redness? Tail tanning sizzling scenes 21 Shadow Lane videos? I thought so.  Pever over to the latest mega-compilation from Shadow Lane: Super Spanking Revue, Part 4!

And if you dig that, you can watch parts 1, 2 and 3 right Here.

shadowlane spanking video

P.S.  For yet more cherry hot goodness, gheck out 10 very popular and highly recommended Shadow Lane vids.

*  *  *

Have you checked out Dani Hunt over at SpankedSweeties? Def worth a visit! She’s also candidly interviewed about her spanking memories and experiences. . .

danielle hunt spankedsweeties
Lana is one of the best spankers and scolders in the biz, as Dani painfully learns.   Pic courtesy of Spanked Sweeties.  Also avail via the Clare Pass.

* * *

Check out what’s playing on-demand at CherryRedMovies:


Sizzling, Hot and New Cherry Red Spanking Galleries

Heaps of fresh and new and hottt cherry red goodness for y’all.  Simply click on the pic below to check out the preview spanking gallery. In other news, perv over to the very cool Star Trek-inspired, sci-fi themed spanking vid playing at SIU.  Over at GoodSpanking, the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer is wonderfully on the receiving end of redness.  On the literary front, check out Loki Renard’s new novel, a military themed spanking romance novel called “Savage’s Recruit.”

Enjoy some cherry red spanking galleries:

amelia jane rutherford gets a paddling

—–>Check out more pix after the jump!

Continue reading “Sizzling, Hot and New Cherry Red Spanking Galleries”

Sizzling Spanking Updates Featuring Piper; Pandora; Porcelain; Joelle; Amelia; Samantha and More Cherry Red Hotness

So many wayward naughties.  So little time to create those 50 shades of cherry red. So let’s get right to the fresh and new red-bottomed goodness.

Over at RealSpankings, new spankee Roxie says “School? Whatever!” and ditches class resulting in an outdoor belt lickin’.  The RS folks seem to specialize in spanktastic outdoor ass blazing action.

Roxie gets the belt at RealSpankings
“What if someone is watching?  THWACK!  Owieee!”  Photo credit: RealSpankings

*  *  *

Misbehaving cutie Piper gets a good seeing to by her no nonsense, traditionally minded tennis coach Veronica, in a sizzler from PunishedBrats.

Veronica spanks Piper on PunishedBrats
What a view.  A glorious camera angle.  Photo courtesy of PunishedBrats.

*  *  *

Samantha Woodley looks exquisite as always on Firm Hand Spanking, here squirming deliciously, jeans in a lovely tangle, over the lap of baby-faced but hard-spanking Kyle Johnson.

samantha woodley spanked hard on firmhandspanking
Keep that bottom arched, young lady!  Photo courtesy of Firm Hand.

*  *  *

A model wonderfully named “Porcelain Ass” makes her Spanked Sweeties debut, Continue reading “Sizzling Spanking Updates Featuring Piper; Pandora; Porcelain; Joelle; Amelia; Samantha and More Cherry Red Hotness”

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