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Click on the video screen for a free preview vid, and more sample pix from this sizzling scene in which a student gets a good hiding lesson from his university professor, courtesy of Dreams of Spanking, which covers all genres of posterior punishment, and features historical films to more edgy modern fare. And just added….this spankee gets punished by his stepmother, played by spanking starlet Molly Malone, in a Victorian England themed historical update.

spankFor more spanking previews and info, visit Dreams of Spanking.

dreams of spanking

8 Amazing Images You Need to See: Exquisite Red-Bottom Spanking Highlights featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford

Spanking Model Amelia Jane Rutherford
Spanking superstar Amelia Jane offers CRR the scoop on this fab image:   “This is from Spanking Sarah and it was a brilliant shoot.  Lovely thick cane (have finally discovered that’s my favourite type) and Sarah was in fine form being utterly beastly and unreasonable as a Top.  Brilliant!  I felt sorry for the poor teddy being dragged into it though, what did he do wrong?  And it was SO painful! the last thing we shot in a 2 day shoot, so I was sore before the caning even started.”

The legendary fetish model and spanking superstar Amelia Jane Rutherford has been featured in sooooo many top-notch spank action films and photo shoots — I thought I’d select some of her glowing hot highlights from the past year or so.  BTW, she’s also graced the pages of this site by guest-blogging for CRR: for example, check out her 2013 blog post: “Six Reasons NOT to Wear Panties” and surf over to a behind-the scenes style feature with more fab eye-candy imagery.

On a side note, you can now enjoy some of her classic bun-blazing work on Shadow Lane’s newly revamped website. And if you dig on-demand streaming videos, check out a few AJR vids playing now on CherryRedMovies — new users to this site can watch 10min for free.

Anyway, free to email me with your own Amelia Jane photo faves, or leave a comment below. Enjoy! 🙂

amelia jane rutherford spanking otk
Deliciously stern Momma Dana is displeased with her daughter, Sarah Gregory and their new British exchange student, Amelia, as both have been running about with no panties on! Blazing red ass ensues!  Amazing video from the pulse-pounding domestic discipline site Momma Spankings.   FYI:  Last summer, AJR provided this blog with her thoughts on this memorable shoot featuring more steamy photos.  

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Lola Marie. File Under: Amazing

All imagery kind courtesy of Dreams of Spanking.

lola marie
The exquisite Lola Marie strikes a pose for Dreams of Spanking.

You may have seen this ebony stunner, Lola Marie, starting to take over the spanking world, armed with her delicious tendencies to misbehave, her pouty ways, ability to take a very hard spanking, delightful accent and expressiveness, and her gorgeous spankable bottom.

Lola’s shoots with the fantastic Dreams of Spanking site have been especially cherryredtastic.   Enjoy some sample pix and links to video previews!

hairbrush spanking
A teacher’s pet turns into teacher’s pest and Lola gets one heck of a hairbrush spanking — hard discipline!   Check out a free hairbrush-spanking video preview and more pix.

Click on the jump for more pix!

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Guest Blogger Pandora Blake: Top 10 Things I’ve Learned Since Starting a Spanking Site

pandora blakeWritten by Pandora Blake

In many ways, running the Dreams of Spanking site has been much as I expected. It’s a lot of work – definitely a full time job for one person (although it takes a few years to build a site up enough that it can pay a full time salary!)

Pandora Blakedreams of spankingIt’s also great fun, particularly shooting, which is still one of the best things I ever get to do. In fact I love it so much that I shoot far more regularly than I need to, and already have enough footage in the bank to last into 2014 – and I’m about to shoot again in September, for a week!

I knew these things before I started, so in many ways running a spanking site is much as I expected. However, it’s been a steep learning curve with plenty of mistakes along the way – and there have been some surprises, too.

Here are the top ten things I’ve learned since launching Dreams of Spanking in December 2011…

1. People don’t really buy porn on a Monday. I don’t know why. The busiest days of the week for new signups are Friday and Saturday, with most people sitting down to indulge in a bit of kinky porn when they’re off work at the weekend. For the same reason, public holidays see a spike in memberships too.

dreams of spanking by pandora blake
Pandora Blake

2. Few things have improved my life as a spanking video producer more than setting up my own printer at home. It sounds silly, but it’s true. All those release forms, call sheets, props lists… I used to have to go to the stationery shop with a pen drive, pay a few quid and hope they wouldn’t look too closely at what I was printing. Now I can print at home, as late at night as I like, and every time I do it feels like a liberation.

3. I hate making trailers. Editing video is great fun, but for some reason preview videos are the thing I put off doing more than any other. It just seems so complicated, fiddly and off-putting – even Continue reading “Guest Blogger Pandora Blake: Top 10 Things I’ve Learned Since Starting a Spanking Site”

Guest Blogger Michael Darling: Of Male Bottoms, Red Tails, Dana Kane and More

Spanking enthusiast Michael Darling, pictured below, has starred in some sizzling, rump-roasting videos for Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking site, including a delightful F-M bun blazer starring the mesmerizing Dana Kane, entitled “Marital Discipline.” 

dana kane spanks michael darling
“You’ve been a pain in the ass. Now I’m going to be a pain in yours.” — Dana Kane

Instead of a standard Q&A, I asked Michael if he could chat a bit about that Dana Kane “Martial Discipline” shoot, what went on behind-the-scenes, etc.  Thusly, we are stoked to feature his thoughtful musings on a wide array of topics as related to male bottoming, intimacy and control and lots more.  Enjoy!

You can also check out Michael in a fanny flaming film entitled “Plagiarism,” another sizzler called “Dana for Senator,”  as well as “Prove Your Love” and more cherry red goodness.

Written by Michael Darling

The Dana Kane “Marital Discipline” shoot was entirely Pandora’s idea. I had reached out to Pandora online, saying that I was really curious about helping her make ethical, fair-trade porn (as she brands it) and would she be interested in having me as a model.

I remember trying to impress her by not just showing off my previous kink credentials – by this point I had a handful of shoots under my belt, but no dedicated spanking scenes – but also my interest in the ethics and politics of it all, as I had worked for a couple of different female-gaze-centric magazines by this point, too.

She was enthusiastic and we met up and hit it off. We were clearly on the same page about the kind of stuff we wanted to make. It just so happened that I was contacting Continue reading “Guest Blogger Michael Darling: Of Male Bottoms, Red Tails, Dana Kane and More”

The Secret to Domestic Bliss?? Marital Discipline


Dana Kane spanks

[Editorial Note: This post originally appeared on my male spanking blog Spanking4Men]

From Pandora Blake’s always intriguing Dreams of Spanking site, Pandora recently posted a fantastic FM domestic discipline scene, that is one of of the best of its kind that I’ve seen. It stars the truly exquisite Dana Kane and the highly spankable Mike Stryker [now known as Michael Darling], who naturally plays the part of the errant husband. . .

The striking chemistry between these two is undeniable.  And Mike’s glowing, scorched, cherry reddened posterior feels the burn under the seasoned onslaught of Dana’s unrelenting hand of punishment.

And you can see below, embarrassingly clad in drop-seat PJ’s, this wayward husband learns a lesson he won’t soon forget….

Dana Kane spanks her husband

You can check out a free preview video and more pix here. Hope Pandora and company will film more domestic style FM scenes like this. . .  🙂

(This is not the first time Dana Kane and Mike Stryker have starred together–you can see Mike getting the smackdown in a video called “Dana for Senator” as well as another sizzler entitled “Plagiarism.”)

Dana Kane spanks a naughty husband

—->All photos courtesy of Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking.

A naughty husband gets spanked by his strict wife

For more about Dana Kane, visit her sizzling site:

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