The Governess Returns ! And This Time, It’s Personal


– – – – ->Just when you thought your ass was safe….The top-notch bun-blazer, one of the very best Tops in the red-ass biz, Syren de Mer, makes a triumphant return in the pulse-pounding, cherry-cheeked “The Governess Returns” playing now only at Girl Spanks Girl, featuring drop-seat pj’s, the hairbrush and more cherry hawt goodness.  Also available via the better-valued, multi-site Clare Pass.

syren de mer
She’s backkkkkkk…….Love this fab screenshot from the “Governess Returns” video.   As you can see, the Governess wastes no time in tanning these brats, good and proper, with both hand and the butt-blistering hairbrush.


syren de mer
You are damn right I’m back! This hawt sequel stars Syren de Mer, Kay Richards and Veronica Ricci.

The chemistry and dynamics between the wonderfully strict Governess and her two naughties is fantastic. This is a terrific sequel to the spellbindingly delicious first film “Governess Rules.”

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Hey CherryRed: Can You Please Post More of Those Drop-Seat Pajama Pix from the Governess Rules Video????


Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards

Yes, with great pleasure, “CitizenKane2193”!  We love reader comments and suggestions, as always. And because one can never ever have enough delicious drop-seat pajama piccies to lust over. These yummy images are from the highly popular bun blazer of a film “Governess Rules” playing now at Girl Spanks Girl, starring the superb Syren de Mer as the no-nonsense Govererness plus the wayward bratz Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards.  This site rocks, as you can also watch 7 years of Exclusive Education annual schoolgirl spank-fests  — GspanksG is also available via the better valued Clare Pass.

governess rules

governess rules

All pix courtesy of Girl Spanks Girl.

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