Spanking Model Spotlight: Dorothy Burnett from Northern Spankings

dorothy burnett spanking modelWith her ever changing hair color, petite & tight perfect apple bottom and deliciously naughty behavior, Northern Spanking’s fan favorite Dorothy Burnett has become a must-see! Enjoy some tantalizing preview pix below, all courtesy of Northern Spankings — check out the site for Free video previews, and Instant Access! 🙂

Lots more pix after the jump 🙂 …..

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Stop. Paddle Time!

Hotttttttt off the press from the mastermind known as SpankingToons.   And gotta’ love those drop-seat PJ’s. And check out more sizzling drop-seat PJ spanky pix Here. BTW would not mind seeing the latest wicked cute Sweetie “Persephone Adams” rockin’ some drop-seats sometime in a future update.


The Spankings Heat Up in A Mother’s Concern: Starring Clare Fonda, Casey Calvert, Veronica Ricci, Drop-Seat PJ’s & The Hairbrush

All photos are courtesy of GirlSpanksGirl.

casey calvert spanked by clare fonda“But I said I”m sorry! I’ll be a good girl, I promise….!”  In the second smouldering part of  the old-fashioned domestic discipline film “Mother’s Concern,” playing now only at Girl Spanks Girl, Momma Clare punishes with hand and hairbrush her naughty daughter, played by Casey Calvert, clad in wicked cute drop-seat pj’s(!)

veronica ricciClare Fonda also tans the hide of Casey’s sassy and misbehaving friend Veronica Ricci (pictured at left).  In case you missed it, check out my Top 10 Veronica Spank Pix of 2013.

And Casey gets in on the over the knee punishment spank action as well in this fanny-flaming domestic discipline spanking film.

You can also watch “Mother’s Concern” via the better-valued, multi-site Clare Pass.

casey calvert spanks veronica ricci
Mother-daughter spank team:  Casey Calvert wields her Mom’s hairbrush to full effect in order to punish her misbehaving friend Veronica Ricci, getting her bodacious bottom glowing hot and cherry red.

momma clare fonda spanking
Drop-seat pajamas peeled down, Momma Clare goes to town on Casey’s gorgeous bottom.

casey calvert otk

casey calvert spanked with hairbrush
I’m sorrryyyyyy! Her pajamas unceremoniously taken off, naughty daughter Casey gets a stinging dose of her Mom’s hairbrush.

And of course, Veronica Ricci gets it good and hard as well, in this must-see Girl Spanks Girl update…..

veronica ricci gets spanked by Clare FondaFor instant access, surf on over to Girl Spanks Girl or the multi-site, better-valued Clare Pass.


Clare Fonda Sneak Peek

A sneak peak peek preview photo of the return of a hairbrush-wielding “Momma” Clare Fonda on GirlSpanksGirl, in the soon to be released sequel: “A Mother’s Concern, Part Deux!” So great to see Clare back again tanning tails!  This film stars the stunning Casey Calvert and of course, the unstoppable Veronica Ricci.  Casey Calvert rocking drop-seat PJ’s? File under: Epic.  Also, check out a few images from the original film.   BTW I think Briella Jaden needs to be over Clare’s lap as well in a future film. 🙂 Just sayin’ . ..

Clare Fonda spanking– – – – >For more info, surf on over to Girl Spanks Girl.  Also, to save some cash, you can get yourself easily hooked up via the better-valued, multi-site Clare Pass.

clare fonda spanking otk

Check out what’s streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies. New users? Watch 10 minutes for free Instantly.


Cherry Award Winner: Hottest, Sexiest Spanking Scene


mishka devlin gets spanked in dropseat pajamas
Incredible.  Check out more pix in this free gallery.

What up my spanky peeps.  We here at CRR HQ are announcing today that we thusly are issuing forthwith a special “Cherry” award to the “Fantasy Spanking” video running over at the sizzling Triple A Spanking site.

It’s one of the hottest and sexiest spanking vids the cherry red team has seen in quite some time. And the photos are awe-inducing.

The film features the beguiling Mishka, and the unstoppable bun blazer John, in the rarely shot but deliriously exposing “wheelbarrow” position, in addition to featuring wicked cute socks, pink panties, pigtails, and even drop seat pajamas in the second scene. 

And Mishka’s sexy-hot reactions to her cherry red tushy treatment are divine. . . . . .

A masterwork.  Check out more photos from this yummy scene.

The film is shot in very High-Def using multiple camera angles, so one can almost feel that glowing, perky bottom that John is worshiping, groping — and spanking. His seasoned hands wonderfully alternate between delicious swats and luscious, tantalizing massaging — a textbook clinic on how to give an erotic, intimate spanking.  Love it. More please! And congratulations on your Cherry!

For more info, visit Triple A Spanking and enjoy the cherry red awesomeness.

P.S. Below is a still from a yet to be released Mishka film, entitled “Female Disciplinary Manual.” The photos I’ve seen are extremely intriguing, to say the least.

Mishka Devlin spanked on Triple A Spanking

P.S.S.  Want more?  Perv on over to a few more Mishka spanking galleries:


Cherry Red Spanking News: Scorching Summer Edition

Tons and tons of red bottomed news to blog about, that this blogger can barely keep up with all the cherry red goodness. 

In cherry red editorial news, stay tuned for a forthcoming special guest column by spanking star Danielle Hunt and a future interview with Mishka of Triple A Spanking fame.  Hot off the press, here’s a new Mishka cheerleader gallery.

Pouting delightfully and clad in very cool cowgirl boots, Amelia Jane Rutherford, and also Pandora Blake, have apparently lied to a security agent at an airport, as seen on the always intriguing Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking:

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a spanking

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets an OTK spanking
Check out more free pix and a video teaser from this yummy scene.

—–>Also perv over to some free galleries and video sampler’s from this site’s latest updates including the cherryredtastic Saddle Sore as well as the hot FM scene Plagiarism starring the amazing Dana Kane.

You can also check out an October 2011 interview with Pandora Blake here, and stay tuned for a fresh, forthcoming feature article on Pandora, who just celebrated her birthday btw 🙂

*  *  *

Lifestyle spanking enthusiast Stevie Rose debuts on Spanked Sweeties in a steamy M-F schoolgirl scene and is also interviewed candidly about her red bottomed interests and experiences.

——–>Sweeties is also accessible via the Clare Pass.

a good otk spanking on

*  *  *

As seen on my other male-oriented blog Spanking4Men, here is a faux vintage graphic I made….thought some of you might enjoy.  As I like to say, as long as it’s cherry red, it’s all good.

a spanking illo from

*  *  *

Not surprisingly, the Shadow Lane scorcher Paddled, Pleasured and Purged continues to be one of the most popular films playing on-demand at

Shadow Lane spanking video starring Madison Young
View more photos from this sizzling film in this cherry red blog post.

*  *  *

I love the name Piper.  And in this case, Piper is a naughty, errant, wayward cheerleader who gets some correction via a good lickin’ from her traditionally minded coach Veronica on Punished Brats:

Check out a May 2010 interview with Veronica here.

Piper gets spanked on PunishedBrats

*  *  *

At this school for naughty girls, the official color is Cherry Red.  From Spanked in Uniform.

*  *  *

New spankee and porn star Jacky Joy feels very little joy apparently on her delicious backside on Bun Beating Fun.

a hot spanking at

*  *  *

In the latest awesome scene on Sarah Gregory Spanking, the unstoppable Ms. Dana is not happy with her room service attendant, wonderfully played by the exquisitely clad Amelia Jane Rutherford.  Cherry redness ensues. . . .

Amelia Jane Rutherford spanked by Dana Specht
Perv on over to more pix from this spanktastic update.  Also check out another recent glowing hot update from this site starring super cute newcomer Ashley caught by her Daddy.

*  *  *

Hm mmmm.  A teacher punishes two of his sassy students in their dorm room.  Drop-seat pajama spanking awesomeness at Triple A Spanking.   Hawtness times two.

pajama spankings at bedtime
Oh my….Wanna’ see more?  Please do check out a free gallery here.

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