Exclusive! Inside the World of EndArt

Armed with a skilled pen, a keen, creative sense of humor, a flair for the powerful eroticism of spanking, and an endless array of spanking scenarios, The Artist Known as “Endie” provides an eclectic display of spanking artwork on his popular site: Endart.
With paid membership, a spankophile will have a feast of imagery: brats. maids. superheroes. daughters. tv stars. supermodels. , etc. — all getting luscious tannings and exquisitely rendered spankings in every possible way imaginable.

In fact, the site boasts over 2,000(!) drawings. This is one artist who stays busy.

Fortunately, Endie was kind of enough to chat with The Cherry Red Report about his artwork.

Above is an exclusive drawing that Endie created for The Cherry Red Report.

Thanks for taking the time to give The Cherry Red Report’s readers some insight into you, your artwork, and the creative process. How did you get into drawing spanking imagery?

I have always been interested in drawing the female anatomy, and when you blend that with the eroticism of otk, it’s magic.

Where do you get your inspiration for your artwork and illustrations?

Mostly scenarios from members, or sketches I have seen over the years on television and in the movies. Pin-up photos are also a huge inspiration.

Your site features all sorts of intriguing scenarios–do you have a favorite scenario for an illustration?

Always been a sucker for a female bottom in tight jeans. That’s my favorite.

Your art has a great sense of humor–what are your thoughts on that?

The reason for the levity of the site, is that I found there was too much severity and darkness in most of the spanking websites out there. I have received a huge volume of feedback over the years thanking me for showing a bit of a “lighter” side to corporal punishment.

Who are some of your favorite artists within this genre?

Serpieri is my favorite, and I also like some of the work by The Spirit. Years ago Dan Rivera did a little strip called “Spanky Sal” and that was a big influence. I also have always been a fan of the strip “Oh Wicked Wanda” by Ron Embleton.

What are your future plans for your EndArt website?

At the moment, to just keep churning out work as long as it continues to be appreciated.

Have you considered publishing an anthology of your work?

Many have asked, and that remains to be seen…

Thank you Endie for your wonderful artwork, and for taking the time to talk with The Cherry Red Report.

Schoolgirls. Tightjeans. Daisy Dukes. Cheerleaders. Amazing.

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