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spankred3d computer rendered spanking art

A remarkable ass-blazing illustration from the pervy masterminds over at the new website SpankRed3D, a site which features all original artwork, never before seen sizzling illustrations, bun-blazing artwork, red-ass fantasies and tons more. . . .

In spanking video news, the producers at Shadow Lane have released an explicitly hawt vid called “Strictly Spanked and Purged,” starring the beguiling Ten Amorette and wonderfully stern Ralph Marvell, featuring red-ass, anal discipline, enemas and more cherryred themed deliciousness.

shadowlane spanking

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Check out some Real Spanking classics playing on-demand at CherryRedMovies:


The Discipline Doctor Is In: Paddled, Pleasured & Purged

 Madison Young gets an enema

In the mood for some glowing hot spanking and scorching hot anal play? I thought so.

Then perv over to “Paddled, Pleasured and Purged,” a feverish, dripping wet, sizzlingly spicy, and explicit ShadowLane production now playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies.

The film stars Madison Young as a frazzled stressed out Mom who makes the spanktastic decision to visit a disciplinary clinic for a dose of stress-relieving cherry red discipline, spanking, enemas, anal exams and more deliciousness. The doctor is in.

Shadow Lane spanking filmAs Shadow Lane explains, in this highly detailed synopsis that I enjoyed almost as much as the film, itself: “Over-worked, over-wrought and under-appreciated, young mother Karen Just (Madison Young) visits the Braemar Discipline Therapy Clinic to receive a stress relieving treatment….

“The session commences with a bracing spanking from Clinical Therapist Eve Howard and a subsequent examination, spanking, anal discipline session and detoxifying enema from the strict and thorough Dr. Ramsay (Larry Selden).

Shadow Lane anal discipline and spanking film

“What anal oriented spanking person has not imagined a perfect discipline therapy clinic, Continue reading “The Discipline Doctor Is In: Paddled, Pleasured & Purged”

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