Eye Candy

Yesterday, I asked for the day off today, Saturday. I hardly ever take time off. However, my boss seemed displeased and irritated at this rare request: “W-what? You want to take a day off? Are you not feeling well or something?” No! I need to do tushy research, actually, ok??

To take my mind off that irrelevant exchange, let’s perish the thought! and thusly post this steamy posterior pic of supermodel “Inna” from the high-brow yet truly pervy Met-Art Erotic Photo website.

I wonder if this minx is doing some serious bottoms-up corner-time? On a side note: If you dig this, check out the previously blogged about Three Sisters post which features high-end fotos from a similar site called Goddess: Beauty is Divine.

P.S.  Another new spankable model is the compact cutie Amia Moretti–though someone, such as myself, should really tattoo her tail cherry red for getting a tattoo on her neck. A good paddling perhaps would be in order.  Or dose of the hairbrush over my knee. And by the way, I think have a strong sub-fetish for those cute knee socks Amia is wearing here…..hmm mm. File that under: Yum.

* * *

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