Repost in Honor of Sinn: Celebrity Guest Columnist Sinn Sage on the Art of Erotic Spanking

[Editorial Addendum: The following is a Cherry Red Repost in honor of adult/fetish/spanking superstar Sinn Sage, who is making major strides in her recovery from a serious head injury from snowboarding.

The latest is she is now breathing on her own, and talked on the phone with family. Woo! However, Sinn faces a very long arduous journey to full recovery.

I checked with Chelsea Pfeiffer on this, and we both thought it would be a cool to repost this guest column by Sinn [originally posted on this blog January 2009] as a tribute to her, and, well, to show how much we love Sinn and how much she rocks.

The bottomline is Sinn is one of the most amazing erotic spankees, and spankers, I have ever seen.

{The “Hope” posters are promo button/posters I made in honor of Sinn and to help promote SaveSinn. Feel free to repost them as you wish.}

Be sure to check out and sign her guestbook, donate if you can, and let’s all pray for her speedy recovery.

* * * *

[The following is a Cherry Red Repost. Article originally posted January 2009.]

* * * *


We are proud to present our first “Celebrity Guest Columnist” on The Cherry Red Report.:twisted:

The following are some wonderful tips and suggestions on erotic spanking written exclusively for this blog, and penned by a true expert on the topic, a spank sage, if you will: fetish model extraordinaire and lifelong spankosexual Sinn Sage of SpankSinn fame.

Folks, I suggest you take notes. You know I am.

If you haven’t seen the X-rated SpankSinn, a relatively new site, prepare yourself for a new level of hard searing spanking and REAL explicit erotic hotness, cherry-red steaming asses and provocative pussy play, taken to a delicious Continue reading “Repost in Honor of Sinn: Celebrity Guest Columnist Sinn Sage on the Art of Erotic Spanking”

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