New Shadow Lane Site Now Features Art, Books, Magazines

shadow lane book by eve howard
Sizzling spanking fiction by Eve Howard, with breathtaking, exquisite cover art by Brian Tarsis.

Celebrating the romance of wicked hot discipline, that is Shadow Lane.

Totally redesigned with an easy-to-use member’s section with instant access to tons of Shadow Lane classic spanking erotica, videos and photos, the revamped Shadow Lane site is now featuring:

  • gorgeous artwork from their archives, most notably the stunning work of Brian Tarsis
  • pulse-pounding fiction by the unstoppable Eve Howard
  • and selected issues of their lavishly illustrated “Stand Corrected” magazine.

shadow laneThe site has a built-in reader, and you can simply and conveniently flip through the pages of these books and magazines and illos instantly, in their member’s section, without having to download any separate e-reader programs. 🙂

For more info, surf on over to Shadow Lane.

shadow lane spanking erotica

The Naughty Houseboy: Shadow Lane Pic of the Week

A simply superb OTK image from the fanny-flaming film “Spanked Houseboy,” courtesy of the newly revamped Shadow Lane website — check out their site for instant access to this film, and for tons of high-end spank action erotica, featuring M-F and F-F titles, as well as sizzling FemDom action. You can also search by model and category on their new site.

Check out more pix from this cherry-cheeked film in a free gallery.

shadow lane femdom

Pictured above, Shadow Lane founder Eve Howard certainly knows how to spank and punish…

Visit Shadow Lane to watch this video instantly, and get access to tons more high-end spanking erotica.

shadowlane spanking banner

CherryRedMovies Spotlight: Shadow Lane Unveils New Schoolgirl Spanking Film

new spanking video from Shadow LaneShadow Lane has just released a cherry reddening new schoolgirl spank fest starring Sybil Hawthorne, Danielle Hunt and seasoned disciplinarian Butch Simms: Last Spankings of the School Year, which is playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies.

Directed by Eve Howard and Butch Simms, the film has two acts starring two certainly delicious and strikingly naughty and delightfully errant schoolgirls who warrant frequent correction.

Danielle Hunt has been on a world tour of late, as she has shot with a variety of  bun blazing producers, such as Chelsea Pfeiffer’s site Good Spanking, English Spankers, Triple A, Real Spankings, and more. . .

As Shadow Lane writes: “In the tutorial hall of Braemar Prep, Mr. Simms spanks the hell out of Sybil [pictured below] for rudely falling asleep during his lecture.

“To drive the lesson home, he bends the adorable, long-haired brunette over for a long, hard strapping as well.

Shadow Lane schoolgirl spanking video

“Petite and shapely, ivory-skinned Sybil colors deeply and fast under the relentless assault of Mr. Simm’s hard hand and grows redder still as the strap is sternly applied to her exquisite bottom. Great professorial spanking, superb reactions and a stunning submissive damsel in distress add up to a picture perfect schoolroom punishment.”

The second act stars spanking star Danielle Hunt. . . .

“Bodacious British brat Dani Hunt pretends to be paying attention to her economics tutor, Mr. Simms, on the last day of the school year, but as he drones on, the cocoa-skinned beauty covertly pens a letter to her girlfriend in anticipation of their holiday in the sun.

danielle hunt spanking over the knee

“When Mr. Simms catches her wasting both their time in this manner, he doesn’t hesitate to upend and paddle the merriment out of her. With her skirt pulled up and her panties down, the saucy preppie endures a harsh lambasting with hand and leather paddle across her lushly upholstered buttocks while thrust face down across her instructor’s lap.

“Then she is bent over the table for a vigorous strapping with a stinging leather strap. The level of severity is high with no holding back in this classic schoolroom discipline scenario, enacted by the articulate and commanding Butch Simms and our adorable visitor from across the pond, 21 year old Dani Hunt.”

Shadow Lane spanking videos

Visit CherryRedMovies to watch this film and thousands more on-demand.

*  *  *

Here are a few older, certifiably classic Shadow Lane films and related posts you will enjoy, along with a blog post from January on the Top 10 Most Popular Shadow Lane films.

The dripping wet, scorching film Tattletail

A tribute to Georgia Gold — my favest video

Spanking 101: The Instructional Video

The Spanking World of Adult Film Star Tom Byron

21 Bottoms.  90 Minutes.

The Discipline Doctor Is In: Paddled, Pleasured & Purged

 Madison Young gets an enema

In the mood for some glowing hot spanking and scorching hot anal play? I thought so.

Then perv over to “Paddled, Pleasured and Purged,” a feverish, dripping wet, sizzlingly spicy, and explicit ShadowLane production now playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies.

The film stars Madison Young as a frazzled stressed out Mom who makes the spanktastic decision to visit a disciplinary clinic for a dose of stress-relieving cherry red discipline, spanking, enemas, anal exams and more deliciousness. The doctor is in.

Shadow Lane spanking filmAs Shadow Lane explains, in this highly detailed synopsis that I enjoyed almost as much as the film, itself: “Over-worked, over-wrought and under-appreciated, young mother Karen Just (Madison Young) visits the Braemar Discipline Therapy Clinic to receive a stress relieving treatment….

“The session commences with a bracing spanking from Clinical Therapist Eve Howard and a subsequent examination, spanking, anal discipline session and detoxifying enema from the strict and thorough Dr. Ramsay (Larry Selden).

Shadow Lane anal discipline and spanking film

“What anal oriented spanking person has not imagined a perfect discipline therapy clinic, Continue reading “The Discipline Doctor Is In: Paddled, Pleasured & Purged”

ShadowLane Unveils Another Spankopalooza Red-Ass Fest

Shadow Lane's latest spanking anthology is playing now at CherryRedMovies

What up my spanky peeps?  This just in:  90 minutes.  22 models.  File under: Yum.

Shadow Lane’s third drool-inducing, sizzling mega anthology of its popular blazing hot series “No If’s, Ands — Just Butts! Volume Three” is now playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies.  Newbies to Cherry Red Movies can watch 20 min for free, fyi.

And I also highly recommend Part 1 and of course Part Deux of this compendium collection.

—->READER QUERY:   I’m wondering what is your favest Shadow Lane film ? ?  Feel free to leave some comments in the comment box! Comments are always welcome and encouraged at cherry red HQ. In case you are curious, this is my favorite Shadow Lane vid.

Shadow Lane spanking films playing on-demand at cherry red moviesDirected by the unstoppable Eve Howard, the mind-numbing cherry-reddening collection features an hour and a half of spanky scenes featuring more than 20 different exquisite models — a true derriere delight for the cherry red posterior connoisseur.

I shall let Shadow Lane describe the vid, thusly: “Thrill to 90 minutes of vigorous corporal punishment erotica, focusing exclusively on the scrumptious bare bottoms of 22 lovely Shadow Lane girls getting spanked.

“This butt shot only clip collection features a quick peek at each lady’s face to set up the scene, then all of the subsequent action unfolds via close up posterior shots……Lush, bottom-centric cinema rules in No If’s, Ands – Just Butts Volume 3.”

This film features spanko starlets such as Dia Zerva, Erica Scott, Kat St. James, Mary Jane, Nikki Rouge, Paris Kennedy, Sarah Gregory, Snow Mercy and many more.

P.S.  If you dig ShadowLane’s earliest ever films, check out their “Super Spanking Revue” which features short clips from their first 88(!) films.

Shadow Lane's latest spanking anthology film
Click here to browse all 124 Shadow Lane films playing On-Demand.

Enjoy! 🙂

In honor of “Clare Fonda Appreciation Week,” you can also perv over anytime and enjoy some sizzling Clare Fonda spanking films On-Demand at CherryRedMovies.

Spank Me: Art by Eric Basaldua; And CherryRed News

Illustration by Eric Basaldua aka Ebas

Unh… Exquisite illo by professional illustrator Eric Basaldua, aka “Ebas.”  Gawd, look at those diminutive denim short-shorts.  Spank my ass if I’m wrong, but don’t think he’s done any actual butt-blazing illos. Perhaps someday. . . .

*  *  *

And now a bit of Cherry Red News: Cool new release from Shadow Lane, now playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies, that looks quite intriguing, spankastically speaking, Sorority Hell Week!

new spanking video from Shadow Lane: Sorority Hell Week*  *  *

First blog birthday: my other blog Spanking4Men, focusing on the male end of the cherryred spanko spectrum, is approaching its 1-year blogiversary. It’s chock full of artwork, graphix, pix and more. So do perv on over and say hello. MM blog*  *  *

Marked Butts is featuring some intriguing releases, showcasing an array of models and hard tushy-tannings, with heaps of free video samples, to whet your red-ass appetites.

The exquisite screengrab above is from my favest Marked Butts update from a waysssss back, featuring the amazing “Angie.”  And below, a newer update; mm, I so love tight-jeans spankings. . .

*  *  *

From the ever inventive and unstoppable Pandora Blake, we have the first video with, that I’ve ever heard of, a spanked for not recycling theme.  Basically, be green OR get a red ass. It’s that simple. [Here’s another awesome gallery from Pandora.]

a hard spanking for Pandora Blake*  *  *

Have you seen Amelia Jane Rutherford on Sarah Gregory’s site?  Have a look here at some yum piccies.  And more panties-down pix here.

a spanking for schoolgirl Amelia Jane Rutherford*  *  *

In other spankables news, hm mmm this gallery is hawtness. Daisy dukes are rockin’! Those daisy dukes are simply perfect.  Life is good.

*  *  *

Random thoughts but wish BadTushy could bring back Zoya, one of their hottest models eva’, IMHO.


Tight Ends; And Cherry Red News

[Original source: I think this is from X-Art]

In the cherry red editorial pipeline: Stay tuned for a forthcoming Q&A with the legendary Amber “Pixie” Wells of Punished Brats fame. 

Amber Pixie Wells spanked otk with the hairbrush

And hopefully, we hope to feature an interview with fetish star Mei Mara, who shot recently with Chelsea Pfeiffer’s hot Good Spanking site. 

Also, there will be an upcoming supah’ fun caption contest sponsored by the inimitable Clare Fonda.   Speaking of Clare, my spanky sources tell me that the strikingly delicious Dani Jensen [pictured below] will be thankfully back again over Clare’s seasoned lap in the Spring, perhaps on the Spanked Sweeties site.

Dani Jensen spanked by clare fondaWe’ll have to see if other Sweeties stand-outs like Shay Golden and Alexis Grace will be back as well. . . . .

dani jensen spanked by clare fonda on spanked sweeties**More info and pix of Dani Jensen can be seen in this post here.

What else is cookin’ ? Hmm, well, my editorial assministrator is working on posting a Rosaleen Young bloggy-style pictorial tribute featuring some lesser seen Rosaleen pix. . .as well as forthcoming info on Spanked in Uniform’s new “Whippingsham Secretarial College.” As you can see below, Spanked in Uniform’s chief disciplinarian, Mike, has a very tough job.  But someone has to do it.

Ready for a sizzling spanko shindig in Spain?  I thought so. The good people at The London Tanners are organizing a mega spanking party in Spain(!) in 2012.

No one squirms quite so, errm, well, explicitly as the gorgeous Kelly Wilson on Sound Punishment. Fortunately she’s back once again receiving her comeuppance via some glowing cherry reddening treatment.

In apparel news: Still bummed you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas? Check out the exciting Spring/Summer line of CherryRedWear.

Lots of spanktatic cherry red news from Firm Hand Spanking [click here for preview videos and photos], including fever-inducing tannings starring Amelia Jane [pictured below], Alison Miller, et al.

amelia jane rutherford spanked otk

When Girl Guides [aka Girl Scouts] go bad, a sound tanning seems to be just the ticket for better behavior, as evidenced by the fabtastic image below. Click here for a hot Triple A Spanking preview gallery featuring naughty Girl Guides Jenna and Taylor.

Take a look at spanking erotica pioneer, Eve Howard of Shadow Lane fame, coming out from behind the camera for the first time ever, if I’m not mistaken, and getting her spank on in the new film “Eve Howard’s Disciplinary Reviews.”  Click on the graphique below for more Shadow Lane red-bottomed goodness. . . . .

shadow lane spanking videos on-demand

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