Cherry Red Exclusive: An Interview with Lilia Spinoza

fetish, bondage and spanking model Lilia Spinoza

Professional belly dancer.  Full-time college student.  Seasoned fetish/bondage model extraordinaire.  Rising spanking star who is shooting with Clare Fonda.  Wicked cool person. Her nick-name is “killerbunny.” And she’s the latest featured star over at SpankedSweeties.

Lila Spinoza does it all and we are delighted to feature her cherry red epic awesomeness on the Cherry Red Report.  In addition, Lilia is a self-described “agent of badassery, foe of douchebaggery.” What’s not to love ?

Thank you Lilia for chatting with the Cherry Red Report.  I really appreciate you taking the time.

Thank you for the interview! It’s my pleasure!

I understand your nick name is “Killerbunny” ?

Killerbunny represents a lot of things about me. A Kinbaku rope bottom is called ‘bunny’ or ‘rope bunny.’  I was also born in the year of the rabbit.

Lilia Spinoza spanked by Clare FondaLilia has a date with Momma Clare’s hairbrush on GirlSpanksGirl.

I also like cute cuddly things…like bunnies. I’m also a big fan of Monty Python, which is where the ‘killer’ part comes from (referring to the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog in “The Holy Grail”). My sense of humor can also tend to be sometimes a bit dark and macabre…hence why I took on that nickname.

Very cool. And how did you get into bellydancing? Which I think is completely super.

It was sort of by accident. It all started when I was 13: My cousin was taking a Hawaiian dance class, and was constantly boasting about her tiny waist. Being the self-conscious, insecure, adolescent girl that I was, I too wanted a tiny waist, and I promptly went to my local parks and recreation center to sign up for Hawaiian dance.

The class was full, so I signed up for belly dance, which I thought would do the trick as well. I kept at it, and after a few years, I got pretty good at it. It turned into an artistic exercise outlet for me. When I was 17, my teacher encouraged me to perform in showcases. I did, and it all snowballed from there.

lila spinoza belly dancing

I also credit bellydance for helping me be more accepting of my body: I used to be EXTREMELY self-conscious of my body and my looks. I was the biggest tomboy growing up, but when I started to perform professionally was when I learned to be feminine and to enjoy and appreciate my body.

With the help of other dancers and my own trial and error, I learned how to put on makeup, how to do my hair, how to walk and dance in heels,  how to wear colorful, sparkly, girly outfits and rock them, how to shake what my mamma gave me with pride, and, most importantly, how to have fun doing all of this – how to enjoy being the woman that I am and to share what I love to do.

Love it! And when and how did you end up shooting spanking scenes with the legendary Clare Fonda?

It was thanks to my friend, Ten. She’s a beautiful spanking model, and a wonderful friend. I met her about a year ago: she was staying with Don Sir, which I am also close to, while she did shoots in the Los Angeles area.

I came over to hang out and we ended up doing a photoshoot together. After the shoot, we chatted, and I told her I was thinking about getting into spanking videos.

Ten told me to go for it, and that she would put in a good word for me where she could. She did, and she got me a role in Clare Fonda’s Exclusive Education 6. Ten and I have kept in touch since, and we hang out whenever she’s in town.

By the way, I know Clare has a lot of animals and critters and furry cute small animals — do they ever pop into a set during a shoot?

Ha ha ha!! Yes, she does have furry critters around. None of them have made an Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive: An Interview with Lilia Spinoza”

A Few Quick Questions with Missy Rhodes


Father Knows Best: Missy Rhodes learns a lesson via a smouldering hot bottom.

As promised, here is a short ‘n sweet Q&A with the glamour/fetish/bondage model turned spanko star Missy Rhodes, who recently debuted on Clare Fonda’s flagship Spanked Sweeties site, which is also available via Clare’s better valued multi site Clare Pass.

In the scenes, Missy plays Clare’s mischevious daughter and gets a delicious dose of Momma Clare’s old-fashioned cherry red hued attention, in addition to getting man spanked as well. Adult star Tegan Summers even plays Missy’s sister in one of the scenes. Missy is also candidly interviewed about her spanking experiences.

Pro-shot glamour pic of the stunning Missy Rhodes

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with The Cherry Red Report. So I know you have done lots of glamour modeling and fetish/bondage work, as seen on your Tumblr blog, so how did you end up over Clare’s lap on Spanked Sweeties, quite deliciously I might add?

I ended up contacting them through FetLife when I was traveling out to LA and we decided to set up a shoot.  Now I shoot with them every time I make it out to LA.

Have you always been into spanking, or has this been a relatively new development?

I was never spanked in a sexual way or spanked by someone who had a fetish for it till I started modeling.  My first spanking shoot was intense and surprising to say the least.

What attracts you to the spanking fetish?

The sensation of receiving a punishment spanking is unlike anything else.  It’s euphoric but also painful, but I like giving spankings more than receiving.

How sore was your bottom after this most recent Spanked Sweeties shoot?

The last shoot I did with them was really, really rough!  My bottom was very sore and red after that.

What was it like working with Clare Fonda?

I love her!  She can give one rough spanking though. . .

I bet! How would you describe her spanking style?

Swift, sharp and very, very powerful.


Momma Clare gets her message across Missy’s skimpy jean shorts

In regards to your fetish/glamour/bondage modeling, who are some of your fav photographers to work with?

I work with so many amazing people it’s hard to pick any one out….

Do you plan to, I hope, shoot more spanking scenes with Clare?

Of course!  I’ll be shooting for one of their sites again soon, so look out for it. I’m on most of their sites now, so go and find my other videos…

Pro-shot glamour pic of Ms. Rhodes

I shall, I promise! What are some of your “vanilla” non-adult interests and passions?

I love writing, traveling and collecting records.

Finally, any other future plans and projects for Missy Rhodes that we fans should be aware of?

I’ve got lots of things in the works.  Follow my Tumblr blog and follow me on twitter @ontherhodes to see what I’m up to!

Thanks very much for your time and keep up the cherry red spanktastic awesomesauce.

>>>Visit Spanked Sweeties for more info on Missy and many more spankable sweeties. . .

I do not think I’m getting through to you, young lady…

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Clare tans Tegan’s tail

Exclusive Education 6

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Kat St. James

Behind the Scenes with Spanking Star Ten Amorette on the Set of Clare Fonda’s Annual Schoolgirl Epic: Exclusive Education 6


Ten Amorette

Even though we here at CherryRed HQ are dealing with the serious after-effects and flooding damage from Hurricane Irene, it’s not going to stop me from getting my spank on and my blog on — even though my printer just floated away. Hm…well anyway….

We thought we’d ask the beautiful fetish/spanking star Ten Amorette a few queries, to get a brief behind-the-scenes look at Clare Fonda’s annual schoolgirl spank-fest, Exclusive Education 6, now playing at Girl Spanks Girl — also available via Clare’s multi-site spank-pass.

The bun-sizzling film features nine beautiful schoolgirls and three merciless Tops [played by Snow Mercy, Lana and of course, Clare Fonda] wielding seasoned spanking hands, traditional hairbrushes and a mega paddle. At this school, the homework is the hairbrush.

**And this time around, they featured a delicious naughty cheerleader spanking scene as well. Love it! ^_^ Featuring a cameo from the spanktastic Lilia Spinoza:

Panties come down for a misbehaving cheerleader, in the film Exclusive Education 6

**Also, check out a yummy free gallery from the EE6 shoot. @@. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Over Snow Mercy's lap, the hairbrush does its cherry reddening work on Ten's gorgeous bottom.

Thank you Ten for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report. So what was the experience like, shooting Clare’s annual schoolgirl spank-fest, Exclusive Education 6? and had you ever shot anything like this before?

This was my first multi-model spanking shoot. I have been in multi-model bondage shoots but never for a spanking site. I had a blast. It’s so interesting to see how all of the models respond differently.

Had you ever worked with any of the other models cast in EE6?

I had worked with Mary Jane in the film “Strict Cousin” and Lilia was a friend who I actually referred to Clare and got called in last minute.

Ten awaits the sting of the schoolroom paddle from Snow Mercy, as Clare Fonda and Lana enjoy the view....

How would you describe Clare’s spanking style vs. Lana’s vs. Snow Mercy’s?

Snow has a VERY heavy hand but Lana is sure mean with that paddle. And Clare’s no joke with her hand and with the paddle.

Would you say the ever popular schoolgirl scenario is a fav of yours? What are some of your other fav scenarios, in regards to spanking ?

I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite. I’m actually a bigger fan of the more fun and creative stuff.

I actually did a fun scene not too long ago where the Top in the scene, Paul “Tubaman” Rogers, orders an escort and then I show up all tarted up and when he opens the door, I yelled “Daddy!” and he pulled me in and gave me a good bottom warming. Interesting ideas like that make this job all the more fun.

Just call me Ten.

I think it was about 5 hours. Definitely a long day. I felt sorry for the Tops!

How sore and hot was your bottom after the shoot?

Very, very warm. Especially after I got cracked with that BIG paddle. I actually heal pretty fast though, so it was sore for maybe an hour or two. They call me “Ten Armorbutt” as a nickname.

Do you plan to do more shoots with Clare?

If she’ll have me, I think we’re shooting at Shadow Lane actually. She’s so amazing to work for, I hope we make lots more content together

Ten, at right, gets punished firmly over Snow Mercy's lap...

What other projects are you working on?

I actually JUST opened my own brand ‘spankin’ new Clips Store called Ten Amorette’s Punishment Playhouse. It’s taking a lot of time and there’s definitely a learning curve. There’s definite improvement to be made, so stay tuned.

Where on the Web can readers find out more about you?

I have a blog at that I don’t update as much as I should and a twitter account @tenamorette that I update way too often. I’m also on Fetlife as well so if you’re there, definitely add me!

Visit GirlSpanksGirl to watch Exclusive Education, Part 6.

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