Exclusive Education Year 12 Debuts on Girl Spanks Girl !

schoolgirl spanking with Clare FondaLet the bun blazing begin!  Part 1 of the latest installment of the annual schoolgirl spankapalooza mega spank-fest known as Exclusive Education, Year 12(!), where the homework is the hairbrush, is now Live playing exclusively on Girl Spanks Girl, also avail via the better-valued five-site Clare Pass.

This is Part 1 of a 4 part corporal punishment epic that will include 12 amazing misbehaving schoolgirls in total.  What’s wicked cool on Girl Spanks Girl is that you also get access to the previous 11 years of cherry reddening Exclusive Education episodes! 🙂 Delightful schoolgirl bottoms turn a delicious shade of glowing red…..

Clare Fonda and Snow Mercy spanking schoolgirls
Snow Mercy lays the smack-down as Clare Fonda watches in approval, in the bun-blazing Exclusive Education 12, playing now….

Exclusive Education 12 is a great fanny-flaming blend of established spanking starlets along with several newbies. The legendary Clare Fonda has been promoted to principal this year. And fetish superstar Snow Mercy is the teacher in charge of the naughty girls. They will be featured in the first three parts of EE12.  Hard punishing Lana Miller is now the Dean of the school that encourages corporal punishment.

Exclusive Education Year 12 spanking schoolgirl videoOther established stars include Elori Stix and Cupcake SinClair.  New spankettes include Apricot Pitts and Ashley Lane. Making their spanking debut are Joy Luck and runway model Alice Goods.  Check out more pix in this exclusive preview gallery.

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The Premiere of Exclusive Education 10


The annual multi-schoolgirl spankfest Exclusive Education is in its 10th year and this hour-long edition looks to be a must-see bun-blazer.  Playing now only at Girl Spanks Girl and also avail via the multi-site best-valued Clare Pass.

Check out a sample preview gallery and a second one Here.





Welcome to Cheerleader Camp!

cheerleader spankingAnd so it begins! This year’s annual Exclusive Education series on Girl Spanks Girl has a wicked hawt cheerleader theme this time around, featuring eight misbehaving cheer-brats attending “Cheerleader Camp” — and the unstoppable and seasoned bun-blazer Snow Mercy is the chief enforcer of discipline.  This multi-girl cherry-cheeked spank fest is also avail via the better-valued, multi site Clare Pass.

cheerleadercamp hairbrush spankingThe sassy and spankable cheerleaders include Willow, Lilly, Chanell Heart, Christy Cutie, Lana Lopez, Koko Kitten, Yasmine deLeon, and Alex Reynolds.  Bring it on!

CRR asked for spanking star Christy Cutie’s thoughts on Cheerleader Camp: “I absolutely LOVED shooting EE9 Cheerleader Camp! It’s always fun working on set with a big group of girls…there’s more giggling, shenanigans, and ultimately more SPANKINGS! So, the more the merrier, if you ask me 😉 . . .

“This year was especially enjoyable to shoot because I got to play the role of a naughty cheerleader — something that I’ve always fantasized about, but rarely had the opportunity to portray. I was very excited about this: flouncing around in a tiny cheer skirt was ridiculously hot! I hope I get to shoot more naughty cheerleader scenes again soon!”

[Editorial Note: If you dig well-spanked cheerleaders, in the latest from the Triple A Spanking, check out Amelia Jane Rutherford as a naughty cheerleader. Yes!]

cheerleader spanking movieWith a super strong cast like this, you can’t go wrong. 🙂 For instant cheerleader spanking access, surf on over to Cheerleader Camp, playing now only at GirlSpanksGirl!

cheercamp spankingclare fonda spanking pass

Bring it On! Get Ready for Cheerleader Camp!

exclusive education
Classic bun-blazing image from the early years of the legendary Exclusive Education series.  Instead of sassy schoolgirls, this year the series will have a cheerleader theme.

My fellow spankohlics, rejoice! The ninth year of the annual schoolgirl mega-spank-fest known as Exclusive Education, which plays exclusively only at Girl Spanks Girl, this time around will be rocking a cheerleader theme. YES!  Bring it on.  I had been suggesting this in the past, and so cool that they’ve decided to change things up this time around.

The first ever EE series, Year One, featured a classic array of spankettes.

Officially, the lineup for EE9: Cheerleader Camp is as follows, thusly: Snow Mercy (as the cheer camp coach), Lily, adult XXX superstar Tori Black, Koko Kitten, Christy Cutie, Alex Reynolds, Willow and Lana Lopez. There may be one or two more models to be added to the roster, TBD.

005As a quick look back at this series famed cherry-cheeked history, please enjoy free preview galleries from the storied history of the Exclusive Education series — all the past years of red-ass epicness are available for viewing at Girl Spanks Girl.


Exclusive Education, Year 2

– – – – – – >This sizzling site is also avail via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass.

clare fonda spanking

A CherryRed Interview with The Camerman on the South of France Schoolgirl Spanking Shoot

When we here at CRR HQ found out the latest installment of the Exclusive Education schoolgirl series, playing now at Girl Spanks Girl, was shot in the South of France, we had to know more.

Exclusive Education 8, featuring Snow Mercy, Veronica Ricci, Missy Rhodes, Koko Kitten, Buffy Buffington, and Nikki Rouge

So we asked the chief Cameraman a few cherryred-related questions on this sizzling schoolie spankfest. . .The tireless Cameraman produces all the sites in the Clare Fonda network.

Thanks much for taking the time! So how did you end up shooting EE8 in the South of France?

Snow Mercy and Nikki Rogue approached me with the idea, actually. Snow has been part of this Exclusive Education epic series on Girl Spanks Girl for some time (since episode 3 I believe) and Nikki has appeared in it as well.

They had some too good to be true deals for shooting in France and while the cost was Continue reading “A CherryRed Interview with The Camerman on the South of France Schoolgirl Spanking Shoot”

In the South of France, Fannies Get Flamed

While getting totally distracted this morning checking out the latest spanktastic Sweetie by the name of Constance, as well as Ms. Ricci spanking like a boss, and also some tasty sorority spanking, I wanted to post up some blazing blog-action on the 2nd part [shot in France!] of the annual schoolgirl epic extravaganza:  Exclusive Education 8, where the homework is the hairbrush. . . .


The production team over at Girl Spanks Girl took a flight over to the South of France recently…..

ee8 spank

……where they gorgeously shot the sizzling 2nd part of “Exclusive Education 8” in which a bevy of naughty schoolgirls…..

hairbrush spank

…..get their comeuppance from the deliciously strict Snow Mercy, via hand, hairbrush and ass-blazing strap.  Enjoy a few sneak peeks from the film, also available via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass. You can also watch the past 7 years of “Exclusive Education” films on these sites, which will keep you busy for a while.

Anyway, EE8 stars Snow Mercy, Veronica Ricci, Missy Rhodes, Nikki Rogue, Koko Kitten and Buffy Buffington. Love that name.

And also, do check out this photographic tribute to the past 7 years of the Exclusive Education series.



Check it out! Playing Now Only at Girl Spanks Girl.

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