Introducing Ebony Stunner Anna Grant

anna grant firm hand spanking otkThis traditionally-minded gymnast coach has no time for misbehaving Anna Grant’s excuses.


Ebony stunner and super toned gymnast Anna Grant recently made her tantalizing and deleriously delicious debut on Firm Hand Spanking, and it’s worth the price of admission to FHS. @@!   (The hottest ebony debut since Ivy Sherwood, in case you missed it.)

spanking anna grant

She’s got the body, the looks, the attitude, the super toned bottom that gets tanned frequently by her gymnast coach, played by wicked strict Earl Gray, at FHS. . . .as her black backside appears to grow darker and darker as the firm spanks descend, stacatto-style, on a super firm, tight bottom.  Wow.
anna grant firm hand spanking

—->Want more? for more info, and free vid previews, get your ass over to Firm Hand Spanking!

P.S.  Other notable and gorgeous ebony spankettes would be the recent debut of the remarkable Ivy Sherwood; the debut of  wicked cute “Cupcake” on Spanked Sweeties; superstar spankee Danielle Hunt; the delightful Rihanna who rocked on Sweeties; Don’t forget spanking star Lola Marie; there was also naughty Michelle Miller in 2012 getting her spank. . .

Battle of the Hair Flippers: Cadence vs. Allison!

Who would you vote for to win this hair flipping battle? as Cadence [more Cadence pix here] and her blonde locks go flying over Joelle’s knee, in a recent Punished Brats photo.

And on the right, Allison Miller’s trademark fire-engine red tresses soar through the air with remarkable ease, courtesy of Firm Hand Spanking.

[More hair flipping style classic pix can be found Here.]

Speaking of PunishedBrats, thing are really heating up, and in addition, they are switching to higher-def video formats. YES!

Here are a few smouldering punishment pix from recent updates: 🙂

Spanking photos from PunishedBrats.comSome recent wicked hawt Punished Brats highlights including Amber Pixie Wells spanking hard, at top left; and Michael Valentine tanning deMandie Rae and Joelle Barros, pictured at bottom right.

PunishedBrats spanking videos

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