Cherry Red Exclusive: Gigi Allens On Spanking Male Ass

Not only is Australian stunner Gigi Allens a top-notch spankee, as seen, for example, on SpankedSweeties, Ms. Allens knows how to give what she gets, as evidenced in several sizzling FemDom scenes playing now at Clare Spanks Men, which is also available via the multi-site Clare Pass.

gigi allens spanking
GET over my knee. Now!

So we asked Gigi Allens a few questions on spanking male ass. [In case you missed, check out a previously posted cherryred interview with Gigi.]

How do you compare the experience of spanking a misbehaving guy vs. spanking a naughty female?

I suppose that I sometimes get a little bit more excited about spanking a male as opposed to a female. Only because it breaks the stereotype of men being the dominant player.

And I do love asserting myself as a strong, empowered female. That being said, we are only playing with societal stereotypes hereā€¦


Do you have a different technique, and does it make you personally feel/react differently, as a Top? as a spanker?

Usually when I spank a female I am slightly more caressing and gentle in between spanks. A few different techniques I like to implement basically include what I would dub the Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive: Gigi Allens On Spanking Male Ass”

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