The Secret to Domestic Bliss?? Marital Discipline


Dana Kane spanks

[Editorial Note: This post originally appeared on my male spanking blog Spanking4Men]

From Pandora Blake’s always intriguing Dreams of Spanking site, Pandora recently posted a fantastic FM domestic discipline scene, that is one of of the best of its kind that I’ve seen. It stars the truly exquisite Dana Kane and the highly spankable Mike Stryker [now known as Michael Darling], who naturally plays the part of the errant husband. . .

The striking chemistry between these two is undeniable.  And Mike’s glowing, scorched, cherry reddened posterior feels the burn under the seasoned onslaught of Dana’s unrelenting hand of punishment.

And you can see below, embarrassingly clad in drop-seat PJ’s, this wayward husband learns a lesson he won’t soon forget….

Dana Kane spanks her husband

You can check out a free preview video and more pix here. Hope Pandora and company will film more domestic style FM scenes like this. . .  🙂

(This is not the first time Dana Kane and Mike Stryker have starred together–you can see Mike getting the smackdown in a video called “Dana for Senator” as well as another sizzler entitled “Plagiarism.”)

Dana Kane spanks a naughty husband

—->All photos courtesy of Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking.

A naughty husband gets spanked by his strict wife

For more about Dana Kane, visit her sizzling site:

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