Waiting for Daddy to Get Home?

Art by Garv. [Anyone want to add a caption??]

When I see an illo like the above masterwork, that’s what always comes to mind. The waiting. The expectation of discipline and a tanned backside. Plus, I love her pouty look. Hey, I’m a born spanko.

What about you?? [comments welcome as always]….. or maybe she’s just grounded for getting that tattoo?

Exquisite art by the acclaimed, award-winning pin-up master illustrator, Garv, whose pin-up art is revered, commisioned and collected around the world. Check out his website at Garv Graphx, which has some mind-blowing pin-up work featuring amazingly spankable naughties, and info on his anthology book. And don’t get me started on his daisy duke-themed illos.

ADDENDUM: Garv has informed The Cherry Red Report he is working on some new ‘naughty schoolgirl’-themed illos. All is right with the world. Stay tuned, my friends.

ADDENDUM, PART DEUX: I’ve been quite confuzzled recently, and forgot that this was my day to talk about Rachel Kramer Bussel’s “Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica” anthology of sizzling short stories, as part of Rachel’s virtual barnstorming, buzz-inducing blogosphere book tour — she’s doing serious promo & PR to get featured on a blog-a-day for the next 31 days to promote this red-ass reader. I was a bit too quick on the draw, and did a full feature on her intriguing book a few weeks ago. Hope you can check out the book and let me know whatcha’ think.

*  *  *

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