10 Questions with Chelsea Pfeiffer

Chelsea Pfeiffer

The second exciting installment of The Cherry Red Report’s short and snappy “10 Questions With….” features a true stalwart of the spanking scene, the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer who runs two very fine spanking sites: GoodSpanking and CP Entertainment. Chelsea focuses her seasoned spanking skills on highly erotic, very hot F/f spankings.

Thank you Chelsea for taking the time to chat with CRR!

Would you rather spank a sassy schoolgirl? or naughty cheerleader?
Naughty cheerleader. I like the peppy type. Did a great one with Pixie for GoodSpanking.com.

What’s the difference between a tanning, a licking, and a hiding?
Funny question. What the heck is a hiding?Feverish? Oral Temp or…?
Anal, of course.

Is a wet, purring kitten over your knee ok?
If a girl likes it and purrs that’s totally cool with me!

Do you prefer to start a hot spanking over snug bikinis? or skimpy thongs?
Snug bikinis are my personal preference.

Firm Hairbrush? or firm hand?
Both! Start with the hand and move on to the hairbrush. My typical style.
Naughty daughter? or bratty babysitter?

Which female celebrity would you want to have otk?
I think poor Britney Spears is in desperate need of a good spanking. She’s simply crying out for the attention.

Should spankings start over tight jeans? or panties?
Tight jeans, then panties. If you’ve got ’em in tight jeans, take advantage ’cause it’ll make a lot of guys out there really, really happy.

Blushing pink? or fire engine red?
Fire engine red, if she’ll let you go there. Lately, I get more of that then the pink. Although when I spanked Krissy for my Chelsea Spanks series, the woman was such an experienced and hard player she would only turn pink. I even blistered her, but she still remained only pink!

Bonus—–>Red Sox? or Yankees?
Wrong on both – Dodgers! I’m in L.A. but really I’m a Lakers girl. Basketball is my favorite.

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