Special Guest Blogger: Top 10 PunishedBrats Highlights of 2012

punishedbrats logoWe are pleased to present a special cherryredtastic guest column by David Pierson of PunishedBrats fame…..

My good friend Dave asked me to list some highlights from the Punishedbrats 2012 season.

1. Last January we moved to a new studio and our first shoot was special. The series that we shot that day was entitled ‘Five Days In Detention.’ It featured Joelle Barros, Beverly Bacci and Amber Pixie Wells. This was the first time that Pixie had been spanked on camera in nine months. Unfortunately, it was the only time in 2012.


joelle and pix punishedbrats


2. Despite the fact that Pixie has been unable to attend a PB production, her creative Continue reading “Special Guest Blogger: Top 10 PunishedBrats Highlights of 2012”

Sizzling, Hot and New Cherry Red Spanking Galleries

Heaps of fresh and new and hottt cherry red goodness for y’all.  Simply click on the pic below to check out the preview spanking gallery. In other news, perv over to the very cool Star Trek-inspired, sci-fi themed spanking vid playing at SIU.  Over at GoodSpanking, the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer is wonderfully on the receiving end of redness.  On the literary front, check out Loki Renard’s new novel, a military themed spanking romance novel called “Savage’s Recruit.”

Enjoy some cherry red spanking galleries:

amelia jane rutherford gets a paddling

—–>Check out more pix after the jump!

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Bugs Bunny Gets His Spank On; And Other CherryRed News

[Art by Spinitto] Anyone care to add in a caption ??

In other news, I can not stop staring at this spanking gallery from Clare Fonda. @@ <swoon>


Is the tireless chief spanko Mike, pictured above showing his smack-down skills on Spanked in Uniform, the hardest working spanker in the industry? He just might be…..Whoa and how I love that image above…..uh huh…errm…where was I?  OK….Pictured here is a beautiful, cherry-reddened lass on SIU’s cheerleading school who earns herself some overdue, panties-down otk behavior modification therapy.

Oh my…do check out fetish/adult film star Kym Wilde as a sassy, stunning cheerleader From Hell, in Scene 2 of this B&D Pleasures spanking compilation video. Spanked cheerleaders are epic Win. 

Below we have a stunning, cherry red example of what happens, you see, when your teacher is the iron-handed Ms. Law on BadTushy, and you simply click away endlessley on your Blackberrry gizmo…cherry redness will be the result. [By the way, Ms. Law aka: Kayla Quinn, is one of the hardest butt-blazers I have seen, and is a very cool, intriguing person in real-life.  She was interviewed a few yeas ago on this blog Here.]

Get your perv on at Uncle Bob’s Woodshed — Uncle B. is a spanko DJ who works his mad skillz at various spanko shindigs, spinning killer ear candy to get your tushy on the dance floor, and this site will lead you to some awe-inducing exotic paddles for cherry reddening, and his clips4sale store and more cherry red goodness.

Kat. St. James, Carrissa Montgomery and Sarah Gregory are three schoolgirls who skip school and thusly make up a titillating triumvirate of tanned tushies, a tableaux of toasted tails, if you will, after a trip over the knee and a dose of the school paddle. Click here for more pix!

In cherry red blog news: Stay tuned for a forthcoming guest column by this spanktastic spanking model.

This butt blistering PunishedBrats video featuring Miss Chris and Joelle is a gem, and one of the hottest vids I’ve seen this year…hawtness.

*  *  *

If you seek more cherry redness, featuring males on the receiving end, do perv on over to my other blog: Spanking4Men.

Miss Chris Invades Clare Fonda Manor!


Fab news from Clare Fonda:

The unstoppable, iron-handed Pro Domme Miss Chris [who also recently spanked the stunning Joelle on the site Punished Brats] makes a butt-blazing visit to Fonda Manor to film some cherry red ass-sizzling scenes for Spanked Call Girls, with Ms. Fonda herself(!) on the receiving end of some glowing hot discipline — Clare playing a snarky, foul-mouthed Madam who gets some traditional behavior therapy.

Clare explains the scenario, now playing on Spanked Call Girls: “‘[Miss Chris] has a very hard spanking hand and is mad as hell since Clare had her daughter in a callgirl ring. The angry mom wants revenge and shows up at Clare’s home only to take the grown woman and put her over her knee for a bottom blistering spanking. Clare brats off to Chris like she is an angry little girl — but Chris sees Clare as a woman completely responsible for turning innocent young ladies into full-on hookers and gives her one of the hardest F/f handspankings…”

But that was not all for Miss Chris.  The hard-spanking Top had to deal with a naughty boy on Clare’s excellent male sub site: Clare Spanks Men, featuring gorgeous Tops tanning naughty male brats. Below we have Miss Chris tanning the bare ass of a naughty boy by the name of Kade. He won’t be sitting comfortably for a bit, with a cherry red backside.

Free Galleries:

One is never too old for a spanking — be sure to check out the latest spankable Sweetie on Spanked Sweeties: new spanko starlet Sophia Locke, who plays a naughty teenage daughter punished by a tradtional Mom. Some truly delicious pix below, with Sophia refusing to get out of bed and her Mom having none of her fresh mouth and attitude!

Wow……that bottom is made for spanking….cherry-red style.

Joelle: The Cherry Red Interview

Introducing Joelle. . . .

File under: spanktastic.

Her name is Joelle and she recently shot her first spanking scene with  PunishedBrats. With a delightfully bratty attitude and a perky bottom that is certainly aching for some cherry reddening, this lifelong spanko is a wonderful addition to the spanko community. We thought we’d ask Joelle a few cherry red queries about how she got into spanking; the allure of the hairbrush; and other topics of tushy-tanning interest.

Thank you Joelle for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report! So how did you end up shooting for Punished Brats? And what sparked your decision to star in spanking videos?

I was a fan of Punished Brats since I was in my late teens/early 20’s. It was the exact role play and kink I was into. I loved the layout of the website, the videos, the girls…
I was always too shy to apply and I figured I would man up and give it a chance. It wasn’t so much the decision to be a star but more to get to play within the scenes that I had drooled over for years.


Over the lap of the seasoned spanker Miss Chris, Joelle learns a lesson with a red-hot backside.

Have you always been into the spanking kink i.e. a lifelong spanko…. or is it a relatively new thing for you?  And when and how did you first realize that you were not alone with your spanking interests?

Yes. When I was very very young it was a great interest of mine. I would get excited looking up the words scolded, punished, and especially spanked/spanking…etc. I remember trying to spank/use the belt on myself at age 5 or 6. I have always made drawings and paintings but as a kid I would make cartoons of schoolgirls getting in trouble. My parents never hit me so it was all so forbidden to me.

When the Internet came out, AOL allowed me to read stories online at a website called Continue reading “Joelle: The Cherry Red Interview”

PunishedBrats Introduces New Hottie Joelle

Miss Chris teaches Joelle a firm lesson about lying and smoking the herb, with a good, old-fashioned, over-the-knee spanking.

What up my spanky peeps? Well, I say, spring is coming! I can feel it. The first Boston Red Sox baseball game is in 23 days…I have some fresh and tasty exclusive interviews in the pipeline….Charlie Sheen has gone absolutely bonkers….And the good people at PunishedBrats recently unveiled their latest incorrigible, bodacious Brat, a young and beautiful lass new to the scene by the name of Joelle. Armed with a gorgeous posterior and a sassy attitude, she is constantly earning herself a brat-busting tanning session.

Using my money to grow pot in my basement, and bake pot brownies?!? You'll be sleeping on your tummy tonite, young lady. . .

This supah’ hawt scene has several of my favest winning things, you see, including the truly outstanding spanker Miss Chris, who spanks and scolds with seasoned grace, playing I think her firm “Aunt” in this delightful domestic scene; a gorgeous new minx clad in snug jean-shorts; Joelle’s perky bottom slowly developing into a glowing, cherry red hue, her skimpy shorts and bikinis panties..umm… bunched up in a useless tangle at her ankles. Errrmm……..is it getting warm-ish in here or is it just me?

I'm gonna tan some sense into this sassy bare behind, Joelle....

File under: YUM.   Here’s a little teaser video clip. To see the rest of Joelle’s punishment, visit PunishedBrats:

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