Spiderman and the Joker

Two spanktastic new superhero illos by “Mr. Jer.”  In other cherry red editorial news, I’m working on, hopefully, arranging an interview with the internationally published pin-up/fetish [and now spanking] model Ludella Hahn.  Stay tuned.  And don’t forget to check out the spring line of CherryRedWear.


The Spank Art of “Mr. Jer”

While I’m being currently distracted at the moment by the beguiling Ludella Hahn, I need to focus, forge onwards, I say, and get my blog on.  Anyway, we here at CRR HQ recently happened across the spankastic artistry of “Mr. Jer” via the the unsotppable Chross blog, and we thought we’d share a few favorites.

Enjoy more art by Mr. Jer after the jump. . . .

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