Because I Need It; Plus Cherry Red Spanko News

Prepping for the oncoming hurricane. But fear not. I have enough spanko implements to last 3 to 4 days.

Plus I have a handy checklist: Bottled water? Check. Hairbrush and back-up hairbrush? Check. Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum? Check. Canned goods? Check. EE6? Check. Johnny Walker Black Label? Check.

Anyway, I have always been absolutely obsessed fascinated with this hella’ good photo from a mid/late 1990’s spanking magazine, possibly “Spank Hard.” So hunkered down in the Cherry Red Graphix Lab, it’s super fun to play around with this powerful image. [There’s also another pic from this photo shoot that I am certainly quite fond of, because spanking does a body good.]

*  *  *

*  *  *

Been mining recently through the treasure trove that is CalStar’s classic spanko erotica. Some quite hot spanky vids indeed, available on-demand, via CherryRedMovies, which you can try for Free: nothing to join, no monthly membership fees. Watch what you want, when you want to, pay-per-minute–and you can speedily skip to the “good parts.” 🙂

*  *  *

If you haven’t seen it, do check out the unstoppable Chelsea Pfeiffer’s 2-site special. Double the cherry red pleasure….

…which gives you access to her sizzling “Good Spanking Classics” site of golden-age spanko goodness, in addition her latest sizzling Good Spanking material.

*  *  *

I remain in awe of naughty daughter Dani Jensen. Here’s a another spanking gallery. Can you imagine Shay Golden and Dani in the same vid together on Clare’s flagship website: Spanked Sweeties? ZOMG. Two naughty teenagers in trouble with Momma Clare. That would be epic epicness.

"You are gonna' learn a good lesson, Dani, on your bare backside. I've had enough of your misbehavior and fresh mouth."

* * *

For those into bratty males on the receiving end of cherry reddening, I continue to update Spanking4Men quite regularly with red ass. So do perv on over there if you dig that sort of spanko activity. [Clare Fonda, btw, is no stranger to tanning male ass, as you can see, for example, in this gallery here.]

*  *  *

Over at Bun Beating Fun, if you dig howling models getting their tails blistered pretty damn hard over the knee, real squirming and real tears, without any discernible plot whatsoever…..

….then this spanko site might be for you. [They also upgraded their vid quality.]

…..Check out free bun-busting video samples and more >>>>>at Bun Beating Fun.

*  *  *

On Triple A Spanking, the exquisite schoolgirl Kami Roberton gets caught texting in detention and thusly….

…receives a healthy dose of the traditional stinging birch rod, white knickers peeled down.

*  *  *

Firm Hand Spanking features in their latest update something quite remarkable @@!: gorgeous identical twins, the Berkeley Twins, who get spanked clad in cheerleading uniforms ^_^ [I’m thinking of blogging up another post/tribute to Firm Hand star Alison Miller, who continues to amaze me with her naughty behavior and beauty.]

We're naughty twins!

*  *  *

In other news, a new addition to the Fall collection of Cherry-Red Wear: the cliche, yet time-worn classic phrase, emblazoned on some cherry red panties:

*  *  *

Imagine Pandora Blake and Amelia Jane Rutherford as your newest, and most naughty, new military recruits, as seen recently on Spanked in Uniform. Cherry redness is bound to occur.

Perv over to Spanked in Uniform for more spanko goodness.

You can try this for free if you want: Updated daily for cherry red freshness and spanko goodness. The best in on-demand, pay-per-minute cherry red spanking videos:
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