Kari Sweets: Spanked

Her glowing bottom throbbed.....feverishly.

Every so often, for no apparent reason, I take a gorgeous image of a beautiful woman, and through the miracle of micro-chip computer wizardry, quickly add a dash of much needed cherry redness, a dose of toasted tushy to the posterior regions.

A splendid improvement on the original photo, in this blogger’s humble opinion. Here we have the stunning Kari Sweets, in one of her best all-time photos, simply sublime…who since has retired from modeling, which is something that has depressed me. So, you see, I thought a good, old-fashioned digitized red ass was in order.¬† Don’t you?

….In other cherry red news: the always intriguing Zille DeFeu wrote an intriguing blog post asking what fans of spanking erotica really want/desire/crave in their spanko erotica–click here to submit your thoughts on this red-assed matter.¬† On a side note, you can watch Zille in action in a delicious new release from Shadow Lane, also starring the delectable Clare Fonda, entitled¬† “Trophy Wife Revenge Match.”

In the editorial pipeline, do stay tuned for a forthcoming supah’ exclusive interview with a beautiful, wonderfully intriguing model from the RealSpankings website. I’m also working on a Q&A with the long-time camerman and chief photographer for Chelsea Pfeiffer’s ass-sizzling GoodSpanking website, among other fascinating forthcoming features.

CRR Bolsters Staff; Promotes Kari Sweets and Dakota

Dakota examines some WordPress code.We are pleased to announce some exciting staff news.

The Cherry Red Report has promoted Dakota South (pictured left), who will head up “WordPress Database Design & Development” responsibilities at the blog, and is no stranger to a cherry-reddened backside.

In addition, Kari Sweets (pictured below) will take on the new position of “Behavior Modification Researcher.”

[I also will be announcing a “Dept. of Daisy Dukes Research” position shortly to assist at The Daisy Dukes Report.]

Kari Sweets at the CRR headquarters.

“Dave clearly needs serious help with WordPress coding, as he has not a clue. Earth to Dave–anyone home?” said Dakota South in a statement to the blogosphere. “His SQL database is all mucked up and the PHP template is not xHTML compliant. Duh!”

[In addition, we are now looking to hire an “Assministrator” to assist with general office tasks. Inquire within. The Cherry Red Report is a certified EODE: Equal Opportunity Disciplinarian and Employer. Office attire is business casual, i.e. plaid and tartan skirts, skin tight jeans, daisy dukes, knee socks, etc.]

“I’m happy to be a part of this team, though I’ve spent far more time sleeping on my tummy than I had previously thought possible,” said Kari Sweets in a statement, while rubbing her perky backside and skimming “WordPress For Newbies.”

“I’ve learned a lot from Dave about…errm….well, his firm hand, naturally, and also things like, you know, diligence, responsibility and old-fashioned, firm but fair discipline. But I’m psyched to help this blog grow and expand. Even if I get spanked when I need it.”

Kari also adds a lot of color to the blog.

CRR Hires New Staffer: Kari Sweets

Kari posing with an ancient relic in the CRR offices, something called a “typewriter” (?)

The Cherry Red Report has bolstered its editorial team with the addition of Kari Sweets, who will be assisting with general assminstrative tasks, reader/email blog-correspondence, HTML template maintenance, as well as working in the implement testing lab. Welcome Kari!

“Well, I am quite delighted to be joining a growing team, covering such a libidinous topic,” said Ms. Sweets. “The blogosphere is an exciting frontier in cyberspace, and I am confident I will be an invaluable asset to the team at CRR — and also The Daisy Dukes Report.”

“Wait till you see my collection of daisy dukes…”

For more on Kari:

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