Of Flaming Bottoms and Flying Hair

sarah gregory getting spanked by dana specht
Spanktastic recent image featuring the iron-handed Dana Specht punishing her naughty girl Sarah Gregory from the wicked steamy site Sarah Gregory Spanking.     Also, be sure to check out Sarah’s more domestic discipline focused Momma Spankings.

You know you are getting your message across, when a naughty spankette flings her head back while over your knee, and lovely tresses are captured by the camera, whipping wildly through the air, smouldering bottom bucking and glowing hotttt.  Here are a few of my favest examples, both new and old.

tara somerville firm hand spanking
Stunning new model Tara Somerville bucks and squirms in a recent, and gorgeous, image from Firm Hand Spanking.
dani jensen spankedsweeties
I made this tantalizing montage of one of my favest Spanked Sweeties models of all time: Dani Jensen, here pictured over Clare Fonda’s lap, auburn locks flying.  Gotta’ give Sweeties serious props as well for their extremely candid interviews with all of their models, who discuss their real-life spanking experiences.  Sweeties is also available via the Clare Pass.
sarah gregory getting a belt spanking
As “Momma” Dana watches from out of frame, a very strict Daddy gives naughty daughter Sarah Gregory one heck of a belt lickin’.   Check out a free gallery with more preview pix. Image is from  Sarah’s must-see Momma Spankings website.
This is a video screen-shot from the early days of the old-fashioned domestic discipline site Spanked Sweeties, featuring Momma Clare Fonda spanking a beautiful model by the name of “Cherry.” How perfect is that?  You can get hooked up with Sweeties via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass, fyi.
lilly page punishedbrats
Look at those locks ! That is spankette Lilly Page from the always smouldering hawt Punished Brats website learning a very memorable bottom-burning lesson.
firmhandspanking samantha woodley kat st james
Here’s a great one of Kat St. James with Samantha Woodley flipping her lovely hair as her bottom gets lit up. From Firm Hand Spanking.
punishedbrats spanking
And here’s two more from PunishedBrats, who seem to specialize in this fantastic style of photography. Featured are Beverly Bacci, on the left, and Joelle Barros.

The Homework is the Hairbrush: Exclusive Education 7


Check this out: 12 naughty schoolgirls.  3 hairbrush wielding spankers.  2 hours of cherry red goodness.  🙂   The annual spankapolooza schoolgirl red-ass fest known as Exclusive Education Part 7 is now playing on Girl Spanks Girl — it’s a smokin’ sizzler with a crazy-hot all-star line-up!  [The film is also available via the multi-site Clare Pass.]

exclusive education 7: schoolgirl spanking

***These two preview pix don’t show everyone in EE7, but here’s the complete cast: Lana Miller, Snow Mercy, Sarah Gregory, former Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci, Paris Kennedy, Phoenix Askani, Christy Cutie, Katherine St. James, Riley, Ginger S, Edanya, Koko, Kay Richards, Porcelain Ass, and Cami Smalls.

A truly exquisite photo. 

>>>>>For more info, visit GirlSpanksGirl.

 Exclusive Education 7 is also available via the Clare Pass:

Cherry Red Interview: Clare Fonda’s Cameraman on Clare’s Retirement; Starting a New Spanking Site; Why Veronica Ricci Rocks; and More…


Clare Fonda spanks Veronica Ricci
The stunning Veronica Ricci gets punished over Momma Clare's lap

After a decade working as Clare Fonda’s devoted documentarian of the disciplined derriere, “The Cameraman” is gradually taking over the helm of the Fonda spanking network of cherry red goodness. . .

. . .And this includes the launch of a sizzling new sorority spanking site, in the wake of the legendary “Momma” Clare’s recent announcement of her semi-retirement from the spanky scene to pursue other fetishistic pursuits.

CRR caught up with this tireless videographer and photographer recently for a cherry red Q&A.

By the way, you can enjoy and watch instantly, on-demand, a variety of Clare’s spanking films here.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report.

Always a pleasure.

I know you’ve worked as the chief cameraman with Clare on her network of sites for 12 years — so I’m wondering how does it feel to take over the reins of the Fonda spanko empire?

Right now I am slightly overwhelmed.  I have been working on two feature films overlapping with taking over the sites, which is an increase in my workload of course.  So the past six weeks or so I have been basically working day and night, no time off.

But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I’m learning more how to manage the extra load.  Clare has been a great help. She has been working on trouble-shooting issues with the sites, while I get my feet on the ground and pick up all the many details of the job.

Clare Fonda

At the dawn of this post-Fonda era, I’m sure it must feel weird/strange(?) to not have “Momma Clare” on the set?

I have done some shoots without Clare on set before – mostly for the My Spanking Roommate site.  And when we discussed her decision to phase out of spanking last December, Clare stressed keeping a 5 site special.

So I needed a site to replace Clare Spanks Men.  That site became Spanking Sorority Girls. Clare was not on set for the sorority site shoots.  So not having her on set has been a gradual process, which has helped me ease going solo.

Clare is a dynamic force on set, with creative ideas and with her great sense of humor, she Continue reading “Cherry Red Interview: Clare Fonda’s Cameraman on Clare’s Retirement; Starting a New Spanking Site; Why Veronica Ricci Rocks; and More…”

Cherry Red Spanking Industry News

Holy blazin’ buns! The delectable Zoe tans some sense into the bodacious bottom of new spanky model Jessica on Triple A Spanking:

Naughty daughter Riley’s mesmerizing bottom has a mind of its own as, encased in tiny short-shorts, her gorgeous tushy quivers, bounces, squirms and more under the practiced hand of Momma Clare on Spanked Sweeties:

On Punished Brats, no-nonsense Veronica has had just about enough, thank you very much, of naughty cheerleader Piper’s incorrigible behavior, panties at half-mast, naughty bits on display, perfection:

It seems that the unstoppable Dana Kane is running for Senator(!) and her two unruly interns require behavior adjusting via cherry reddening, in this novel F/MF spanky scene on Pandora Blake’s ever inventive Dreams of Spanking:

Coach Mike and his bionic spanking arm takes one of his sassy cheerleaders to task in this sizzler from Spanked in Uniform:

Mmm….A delicious delight to see the exquisite Lila Night [read an interview with Lila here] on full tantalizing display over the knee in this yummy update from Real Spanking:

Say hello to my little friend! Katherine St. James and her perky posterior says hello to Momma Clare’s little helper, her trusty hairbrush, on Spanked Call Girls:

Kat St. James gets hairbrush spanked by Clare Fonda

On Sarah Gregory’s site of cherry reddening, Sarah gets her spank on with her charmingly dressed yet not too cute to spank Jenni Mack, who plays Sarah’s roomie and apparently took her car and did something quite awful with it:

Scrumptious adult film star Dani Daniels learns the hard way that Chelsea Pfeiffer is one heck of an experienced bun blazer on Chelsea’s Good Spanking site:

Dani Daniels gets a spanking over the knee by Chelsea Pfeiffer

Punished by Dad, Katherine Learns a Painful Lesson on SpankedSweeties

This just in: Quite a bun burner of a brand new Dad-Daughter scene on Sweeties. Katherine St. James apparently pissed off her Dad one too many times, in the latest blazing-hot scene on SpankedSweeties, featuring some damn hard spanking and a strict belt strapping that leaves Kat’s perky posterior blazin’ hot, glowing cherry red. . .[Sweeties is also accessible via Clare’s multi-site pass.]

For more Katherine, she also shines in such Shadow Lane films, featuring some seriously strict spanking, as Bad Girls and Brat Whack.

Kat St. James gets spanked by Dad on SpankedSweeties.comKat is rockin’ those cherry-red-tastic short-shorts and super cute panties underneath….though no doubt she will be sleeping on her tummy after this tanning.

>>>>>Check out a gallery from this shoot Here.

Katherine St. James spanked on SpankedSweeties.comNot clear if she’s learned her lesson as of yet over Dad’s lap. . . . .[BTW, Kat is also no stranger to being over Clare Fonda’s lap on SpankedSweeties.]

Kat St. James gets a spankingPeeling her diminutive daisy dukes down, Kat. receives her comeuppance across the seat of her snug bikini panties, offering little protection however. . . .

When she hears the belt coming off, Kat knows she’s in for it…….yikes. . . .

See all the pix and watch the complete video on SpankedSweeties:

Clare Fonda presents SpankedSweeties.com

*   *   *   *

P.S. Here are a few Kat St. James screenshots from the Shadow Lane films Bad Girls and Brat Whack both playing On-Demand now at CherryRedMovies.

Tom Byron spanks Kat. St. James in Shadow Lane filmThat is adult film star and spanko Tom Byron playing the firm Father above, and adult/fetish star Greta Carlson playing the traditionally minded Mom below. Tom Byron especially blisters her tight tail hard, via hand, hairbrush and strap.

The Top 10 Most Popular Shadow Lane Films Playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies

What up my spanky peeps. I love Top 10 Lists.

Thusly, we here at CRR HQ were curious to see the Top 10 most popular butt-blazing Shadow Lane movies that are playing now at CherryRedMovies.  Spanky biz pioneers Shadow Lane currently has close to 130 vids playing on-demand, and it’s always fascinating to see which titles resonate the most with spankos.

And we shall observe forthwith a few recurring popular themes: sex and spanking; mega compilations; romance, spanking and sex; lesbians spanking each other; lots of anal play; sex and cherry redness.  And sexy hawtness. Well, I say, it’s all good.

[I’m miffed that Amelia Jane Rutherford’s stand-out performance in the wonderfully named “As Tears Go By” is not in the Top 10!  I demand a recount.  OK well, it’s currently holding steady at #11. . . .]  I’m also surprised Double Feature is not in the Top 10, as the now legendary Georgia Gold scenes are among my all-time faves, and I posted a ways back a bloggystyle tribute to Georgia Gold, along with 3 tasty video clips.

And now, let’s take a closer look at the Top 10:

#1. No Ifs, Ands — Just Butts! Part Deux

shadow lane spanking videoCherry red enthusiasts love their mega compendiums and collections, and Shadow Lane is responding to the demand.  Part Deux features a mind-numbing 90 minutes of red ass goodness featuring 22 different spanky scenes.  No talk, no nonsense, just cherry reddening hawtness.

#2. Eve Howard’s Disciplinary Reviews

shadow lane spanking videoIn a brand new series, Shadow Lane founder Eve Howard steps from behind the camera for the first time in 17 years, and gets her spank on.  Fortunately two gorgeous hotties are on her naughty list with Eve playing a firm store manager in part 1, and a stern faculty advisor in Part 2.  Very cool to see Eve quite deliciously tanning some bodacious bottoms.

#3. The Doctor is In

shadow lane spanking videoFeeling feverish anyone? I heart doctor/patient scenarios and Shadow Lane gets a glowing Continue reading “The Top 10 Most Popular Shadow Lane Films Playing On-Demand at CherryRedMovies”

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