A Few More Q’s with Syren de Mer

syren de mer spanking
Mother knows best…….Syren de Mer scolds and spanks, from left to right, Jenna Rose, Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards. Image courtesy of SpankedSweeties.

CRR shot a few more questions over to spanker extraordinaire Syren de Mer, who has wonderfully starred in pulse-quickening, wicked hot spank scenes for Girl Spanks Girl in the “Governess Rules” and “Returns!” series and most recently, for the domestic discipline site Spanked Sweeties, playing the strict Mom to naughty girl, and former Penthouse Pet, Jenna Rose, et al.  (These sites are avail via the better valued multi-site Clare Pass.)

What was it like working in this latest cherry-cheeked scene for Spanked Sweeties, featuring 3 brats at once: new Sweetie Jenna Rose along with seasoned spank veterans Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards?

It’s always a pleasure! I love Veronica and Kay! And having Jenna with us was icing on my cake.

syren de mer spanking

Indeed! When you are working with such a tantalizing triumvirate of tannable tails, how Continue reading “A Few More Q’s with Syren de Mer”

Syren de Mer

syren de mer
Love this screenshot! Syren de Mer displays her seasoned discipline skills as the wonderfully strict Governess, as naughty girl Kay Richards bucks and squirms, and Veronica Ricci awaits her turn.  Image courtesy of Girl Spanks Girl.  Also available via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass.

Just a heads-up, stay tuned for another cherryred Q&A with the unstoppable spanker, Syren de Mer, pictured above wielding the hairbrush upon Kay Richard’s tight bottom, in the “Governess Rules” series playing now at Girl Spanks Girl.

Playing the firm Mom, Syren can be also currently seen punishing Jenna Rose and her friends in the latest update over at SpankedSweeties.

These sites are available via the better-valued Clare Pass:

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A SpankLoad of New Spanky Galleries

Tightttttt, skimpy daisy dukes get tugged down and asses turn dusty red and hawt, from a recent  pulse-pounding, delicious update at Spanked Call Girls.

——->New users, get some free minutes, and perv on over and check out the 1000’s of spanking videos, both new and hard-to-find titles, streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies. And view some Editor’s Picks as well. 🙂

cherryredmovies spanking

Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Rose Debuts on SpankedSweeties; Plus Erotic Slumber Parties; and Victorian Discipline Is Hawtness

jenna rose penthouse pet of the year

Oh my goodness…..Penthouse Pet of the Year Jenna Rose makes her bun-blazing spank debut on the pulse-pounding, heat-inducing SpankedSweeties site….

syren de mer spanking
Mother Knows Best…….Syren de Mer plays the hard-spankin’ Mom in this belt-lickin’ scene starring Jenna Rose, and also Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards.  Only at SpankedSweeties.

Mom gets down to business in this vid! (In case you missed it, check out a brief Q&A with Syren de Mer.) This update also features a very candid Q&A on Jenna’s real-life spanking experiences.  Sweeties is also available via the better-valued, multi-site Clare Pass.

jenna roseAnd it’s great to see the legendary, iron-handed Syren de Mer back again as the old-fashioned Mom, tanning naughty tails in her classic, iconic, no-nonsense style.  In addition, Veronica Ricci and Kay Richards star in this scene as well….Asses are on fire.

jenna rose spanked
Ms. Ricci plays the Mom in the first part of this update, and she has become an excellent top, very vocal with her scolding and punishment — naughty Jenna has a long trip OTK in this scene, and Jenna is quite reactive and verbal as well, especially when her tiny white shorts get tugged down — great job!  Playing now at Sweeties.

Are you ready for an erotic slumber party? I thought so.  Please do check out this wickedly and deliciously erotic update over at the sizzling Girl Spanks Girl, starring Ashley Graham and Veronica Ricci.  YES. (You can also watch the entire schoolgirl Exclusive Education epic series on this site, btw, including the latest Exclusive Education, Year 8.]

Veronica Ricci spanking
Sexy-hawtness.  Veronica and Ashley get busy…as buns blaze…..mmm.  Playing now at GirlSpanksGirl.
Ashley feels the heat emanating from Veronica’s glorious bun cheeks.  The way all slumber parties need to end up: that is, bottoms up.  Check it out at GirlspanksGirl.

But wait…there’s more.  Hold on to your pantaloons! A super cool historical, Victorian-era punishment scene is playing now at Spanked Call Girls, starring Christy Cutie and Veronica Ricci as call girls. . .Very intriguing, and love those period dresses. . .Christy spanks Veronica, and then the tables are turned. [Click here for more pix of the amazing Christy Cutie…]

callgirlsFun Factoid: Callgirls in Victorian times were called “dollymops.”

This Victorian-era spank scene is playing now at Spanked Call Girls.

– – – – – >All sites featured in this post are available via the better-valued Clare Pass: clare-fonda-pass

16 New, Fresh & CherryRedTastic Spanking Galleries That Will Warm Up Your Day

Fresh, new and tasty!

veronica ricci
The unstoppable Veronica Ricci gets her spank on via some bodacious, blazing hawt buns at the always sizzling Girl Spanks Girl. Also avail via the better valued Clare Pass.
  1. Charlie’s Angels or Devils?
  2. Caned Before Dinner
  3. Exclusive Education, Year 8
  4. Ludella Hahn is Back!
  5. Ludella Hahn Video Clip
  6. Constance on Sweeties
  7. Mother’s Little Helper
  8. Lesbian Lovers Spanked
  9. Wicked Cute Short-Shorts
  10. Veronica Ricci Rules
  11. Molly Malone
  12. Cheerleader vs. Volleyball Player
  13. Grin and Bare It
  14. Kay Richards Gets Her Spank On
  15. F-M hairbrush tanning
  16. Real Tears: Pandora’s Severe Belt Whippin’

In streaming on-demand video news, check out the latest Shadow Lane release, smartly entitled “Spanked for Twerking.” Also, I’ve been informed the always intriguing SpankRed3D will begin updating regularly once again with computer-rendered sizzling spanking illos, so stay tuned for that cherryred goodness.


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