Celebrity Guest Columnist Kayla Quinn: Top 10 Celebs She’d Love to Spank…and Why!

Kayla QuinnWe are honored and delighted to feature a a special celebrity guest columnist this week: the unstoppable adult film and fetish star, and also mainstream movie/TV actor, Kayla Quinn.

You may know her perhaps as the seasoned spanko “Ms. Law” on the spanking site Bad Tushy, and Kayla was interviewed recently on this blog HERE.  A fascinating person indeed: she’s served in the Air Force; conquered cancer twice; cooks from scratch; loves beating butts; and lots more coolness.

Ms. Quinn reveals the Top 10 celebrities she’d love to spank some sense into–and why. [Editorial Note: No Britney??!] As a celeb herself, Kayla is no stranger to the crazy Hollywood culture…..and knows her way around a paddle and a flaming fanny.

Not shy about holding back her opinions on celeb pop culture, and one of the toughest no-nonsense butt-burners I have ever seen, Kayla is delightfully candid when dishing on celebs, has a funky, fun sense of humor — and sends me cool text messages.

:?: READERS FEEDBACK SECTION :?: What celebs would you want to spank, or see spanked??? I’m curious to hear your feedback on Kayla’s Top-10 list. Comments are welcome and encouraged as always! And THANK YOU to Kayla for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write this Top-10 list for the Cherry Red Report.


Top 10 Celebs I’d Love to Spank…and Why

By Kayla Quinn

10. Seth MacFarlane – The brilliant mind that gave us Family Guy just needs a swatting for giving a spin-off to a tertiary character…haven’t heard?  Yes, The Clevelands starts this Fall.

9.  Madonna – Where to begin? You’re not British, drop the accent; you’re not Kate Moss, so eat a sandwich; you’re name isn’t Esther, enough with the Kabala strings you’ve got trend-followers wearing. You annoy me.  I liked you better when you were the pudgy, Jersey-looking trollop in the ‘80’s.

8.  Manny Ramirez – I’m sorry, I love the Dodgers, but…using steroids is bad enough, using girlie steroids, however…Manny just needs to be thrown OTK, wearing stockings and lip gloss and be beaten like the girlie man he is!  Was he trying to grow a man-gina?

7.  William Petersen – I have always had a thing for this actor, his character (Grissom) on CSI even shares my birthday, Aug. 18…but, that aside, he left CSI and stuck us with Laurence Fishburne.  Jump the shark, lately, CSI?

6.  Gordon Ramsay – I would lick the sweat from his bollocks.  My palm just itches to spank his round double-bubble.  Though I know he would correct me on my technique, tell me of a better way to swat, I am fairly certain, “You daft, fat cow!” would be uttered at some point by the former-rugby-player-turned-chef.

5.  Nathan Fillion – Purely sexual reasons on my part.  😉

4.  Angelina Jolie – You’re beautiful, talented, wealthy, odd enough to be intriguing but not so odd to be ostracized, yet you just HAD to make a play for Brad Pitt while he was still married?!  *sigh*

3.  Jennifer Aniston – God forbid I start another “I want what she has now”spat between Anniston and Jolie!

2.  Mehcad Brooks – “Eggs” from HBO’s True Blood has GOT to have one of the nicest asses on television!  I need to leave ‘my mark’ on it!  Time to tear it up, guys and gals, time to tear it up.

1.  Paris Hilton – Her parents, obviously, never did.  Nothing would be more gratifying then throwing her pampered, snotty princess over my knee, ripping her lace panties down and pummeling her skinny ass until it purples beneath my hand!

* * *

To see Kayla Quinn spanking some ripe double-bubble butts, perv on over to BadTushy.


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Talking Hot Sex, Sizzling Spanking and More with Kayla Quinn from BadTushy

As mentioned previously on this blog HERE, below is the exclusive interview with Kayla Quinn, who is the tushy-tanning, smack-down specialist “Ms. Law” on Bad Tushy and is also an adult film star and actor in mainstream TV shows and films.

Get the inside scoop on the art of butt blistering, West Coast style; getting freaky on film for a living; cooking meals from scratch; making it in Hollywood; beating cancer twice; serving in the US Air Force; and much more in the first-ever interview with this self-described “Martha Stewart of porn.”

* * *

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with The Cherry Red Report — it is an honor.

The honor is all mine. I am flattered that I was even contacted.

I understand you are working in not only the adult scene, but are scoring roles in mainstream TV shows and movies. Can you give us the inside scoop on that? When you become famous, don’t forget about us!

I will never, ever forget my roots, I thoroughly enjoy both realms of filming. Be it mainstream or adult, I am and always will be, a camera whore! 😉 I have been doing a lot of background and feature work on television and in movies [EDITORIAL NOTE: mainstream film/TV titles can not be specifically named in this blog due to screen actor’s union regulations].

I did not turn to mainstream work, it came to me. The person who casts background for [a major cable TV drama] and I share a mutual friend. The mutual friend was told they were in need of a “busty chick with tattoos,” so I was summoned. The rest is history.

As a famous adult film star who has appeared in scores of hardcore films, how did you end up working with the Tushy Network, especially their flagship spanking site Bad Tushy ?

Actually, when Bad Tushy was still in the conceptual stages, I shot/starred in the test footage. I think I go back a bit further than you realize! I spanked for Continue reading “Talking Hot Sex, Sizzling Spanking and More with Kayla Quinn from BadTushy”

Coming Friday to The Cherry Red: Exclusive Q&A with “Ms Law” from Bad Tushy

I’ve always wondered about the background of the beautiful, statuesque, hard-spanking female spanker on Bad Tushy, “Ms. Law,” who has cherried the sorry ass of many a squirming spankee.

Ms. Law is known in the wider adult movie world as porn film superstar Kayla Quinn.

After about a year of emails and research, of queries, investigative leads and phone calls, The Cherry Red Report is very pleased to announce we will be featuring an exclusive interview on Friday with Kayla Quinn: the always gracious and intriguing butt-blistering spanker, adult film star and budding mainstream film/TV star, and West Coast celebrity. This will be her first ever interview.

The multi-talented Ms. Quinn, who goes by the highly appropriate name of Ms. Law on Bad Tushy and other Tushy sites for her hard ass-tanning antics and tongue-lashing scolding skills, is a highly successful adult film star who has appeared in numerous mainstream TV and movie roles.

Very funny and brutally honest, the always candid Kayla Quinn, the self-proclaimed “The Martha Stewart of Porn” but with “a better rack and no federal convictions,” will give you the behind-the-scenes scoop on spanking; hardcore film; making it in Hollywood; serving in the US Military; beating cancer twice; cooking food from scratch; hiring me as her personal slave; and more.

Stay tuned.

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