Top Buns; SpankRed3D; Shadow Lane

daisy dukes
Top buns, for sure. And amazing daisy duke jean shorts…File under: extremely spankable.

*  *  *

In the latest bun-blazing update from SpankRed3D, there is a dose of bondage, a scary looking riding crop and steaming hot red bottoms.


*  *  *

In other spanking news, Shadow Lane added an intriguing 1992 film entitled “Hard Discipline” to their collection of cherry-cheeked vids streaming on-demand at CherryRedMovies, with this classic hour-long video starring a non-nonsense Alexis Payne punishing a deliciously misbehaving Kiri Kelly. [You can also check out tons more Alexis Payne fetish and spanking films.]

hard discipline shadow lane

——>Also check out Alexis Payne in the Shadow Lane classics Nurses Know Best and also Mommie Severest, to name a few of her fanny-flaming highlights.

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