New Art by Klauth: Spanked by Spiderman?

Woo new spank art–I can not get enough of fresh, tasty spanking art. Or maybe it’s the 5 sangria’s I drank tonite? Yum.

Thank you very much to yet another excellent artist from Italy, the artist known as Klauth, who I have featured numeous times on this blog HERE.

And no your computer is not upside down. Klauth justttttttt sent me his latest intriguing and most curious and spanktastic image — apparently this bratgurl got Spiderman’s spanko juices flowing mightily. And paid a heavy price indeed! But what, you may ask, does the caption bubble mean? I have not the slightest.

Be that as it may, this miscreant was forthwith literally left hanging around by Spidey’s steel-like spiderweb; skin-tight jeans shredded; diaphanous thong [gotta’ love the detail by Klauth] on display; tanned ass emanating cherry red goodness. A unigue image for sure…

Hopefully the artist will offer The Cherry Red Report more background info on this cool image post haste.  Stay tuned, fellow spankos!  My spidey senses are tingling. . .

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New Spank Art from Mr. Klauth

[Click On Image to Enlarge]

There’s nothing like some steamy office discipline. Hot off the press, fresh new art by European spanking illustrator Klauth. It’s not everyday that you see an illo depicting the spanking of an architect by her angry boss? an upset client? did she botch up the blueprints? I wonder what the back-story is on this nifty image. . .

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Late Home? Mom Spanks: New Art by Klauth

New art entitled “Late Home” by the ever intriguing artist “Klauth,” whose enticing art has been blogged about on these pages before HERE. Though I was not quite sure what was happening in this drawing, so I asked the artist himself who told The Cherry Red Report:

“As always I’m happy that you like my work! Here the girl is supposed to be Continue reading “Late Home? Mom Spanks: New Art by Klauth”

The Fantasy World of Klauth

Beguiling new artwork from one of my favorite illustrators: the always original artist known as “Klauth.” This highly-detailed fantasy piece, entitled “Mom’s Last Gift,” leaves much to the wild imagination. For more Klauth features on CRR, point your browser HERE or HERE. Enjoy!

For Klauth’s explanation of this piece, scroll down.

* * *Editorial Note: If you dig spank art, swing on over to the massive Veralsi’s Spanking Showcase, featuring a member’s section with, as of this writing, 35,367(!) images, and counting* * *

Klauth offers some background on this illustration, as originally seen on Anime OTK:

This young bride, just while going to the altar, had her skirt caught on some kind of branch, and she remained with her butt completely bared…not enough: just a moment before, answering to a little criticism from her mother, she had the bad idea to get smart with her, saying she was finally free to do whatever she wanted.

“I should have done this long time ago – said her mother – …but I think I’m in time to put things right. Take off that skirt, you little brat.”

“Now, while people around begin to whisper and laugh in a low voice, pointing to her red buttocks, she wished she had not answered to her mother quite like that. . . ”

Naughty Space Pirates Get Their Booty Punished

This original fantasy/sci-fi piece is by Italian illustrator “Klauth,” as seen on the art forum AnimeOTK, and features some unique pirate booty tanning in a domestic discipline, Mom & Daughter setting. And yes the are supposed to be pirates from outerspace who believe in old-fashioned behavior modification, with some high-tech assistance.

You will want to click on the image to enlarge and check out the details and some nifty visuals to ponder. Ever seen anything like this before ?

CLICK TO ENLARGE. Original Art by “Klauth”

Anyway, just when I think I’ve seen it all with this fetish, ya’ ain’t seen nothing yet.

Or perhaps you know you sometimes get a bit weary of it at times ? A little spanko burn-out? But then I see something completely fresh and original like the above illo, that captures the imagination and titillates the soul — and feeds the fetish.

I didn’t pick this fetish. I think it picked me. But it needs regular feeding. And great art, such as the unique visions of Klauth, works quite well.

Do you like this illo? Do you not like it? DON’T BE SHY MY FRIENDS. COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME. If you haven’t noticed, I really love when folks leave comments and feedback. 🙂

[Like this artist? Another sizzler from Klauth was featured recently in the post called “The Art of the Spank.”]

[Editorial Note: This blog in no way condones the spanking and discipline of naughty, spoiled space pirate daughters by their old-fashioned space pirate Moms. Thank you.]

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