The Amazing Artist Known as H-Bum; And More Spanking News of the Red Ass Variety


A new illo by the extraordinary artist “H-Bum.” This is a commissioned piece, and is called “Sailor Scouts.” What is the story behind it? I can only imagine. . .

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In other news, I’m stoked that we will be featuring a special cherryred feature spotlight on the stunningly spankable Kami Robertston, pictured below getting a sizzling tanning on Spanked in Uniform.

kami robertson spanked otk
Image courtesy of Spanked in Uniform.

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In red-ass news, Happy Birthday to the legendary and unstoppable Chelsea Pfeiffer! Check out her yummy b-day spanking on her GoodSpanking website……..You can also enjoy many of Chelsea’s asstastic work streaming on-demand — perv over to Chelsea’s delicious on-demand movies.

chelsea pfeiffer

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Random Cherry Red Ramblings:  I wonder what ever happened to the long-since retired Jessica and Brandi. Where are they now, I wonder. . . .I think this year’s Exclusive Education series should try something different and go with a cheerleader theme.  Just sayin’ . …….Check out this bear-ass spanking sleepover themed update at Triple A Sapnking.

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For those that dig the “StepMom from Hell” mofit, the deliriously strict Kordelia Devonshire and delightfully naughty Nikita are back in part two of “Stern Stepmom” on Girl Spanks Girl.  Cherry redness ensues….Also avail via the better-valued Clare Pass.

stern stepmom
Image courtesy of Girl Spanks Girl.   And check out Pix from the first part of this series.

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——>Want to watch just the pulse-pounding red-assed naughty bits?  And enjoy 86 minutes of cherry redness? Tail tanning sizzling scenes 21 Shadow Lane videos? I thought so.  Pever over to the latest mega-compilation from Shadow Lane: Super Spanking Revue, Part 4!

And if you dig that, you can watch parts 1, 2 and 3 right Here.

shadowlane spanking video

P.S.  For yet more cherry hot goodness, gheck out 10 very popular and highly recommended Shadow Lane vids.

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Have you checked out Dani Hunt over at SpankedSweeties? Def worth a visit! She’s also candidly interviewed about her spanking memories and experiences. . .

danielle hunt spankedsweeties
Lana is one of the best spankers and scolders in the biz, as Dani painfully learns.   Pic courtesy of Spanked Sweeties.  Also avail via the Clare Pass.

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Check out what’s playing on-demand at CherryRedMovies:


Mommie Severest! Stern Step Mom, Day 1

stepmom spanks
Sorry is just not good enough, young lady. “Stern Stepmom, Day 1” is playing now at Girl Spanks Girl.  And also avail via the better valued Clare Pass.

Following up on the success of the very popular “Governess Rules” series, in the latest bun-sizzler from the folks at Girl Spanks Girl, they are releasing a new Stern Step Mom series, starring the traditionally minded and famed fetish model Kordelia Devonshire and her errant and wayward and terribly naughty stepdaughter/cheerleader, played by the brat-tastic “Nikita.”  If this is only just day 1, what other panties-down, pulse-pounding, rump roasting hotness will the rest of the week bring? We shall soon find out.

Random side note, but, I think a dream-team match up for a future shoot would be Anikka Albrite over Kordelia’s lap.  Or Syren de Mer’s lap.  Just sayin’ . .Yet I digress. 🙂

BTW, the G spanks G site is quite fab, as you can also perv over and enjoy heaps of spanky vids, including the past 7 years of the mega schoolgirl bun-blazing red-ass fest: the legendary annual Exclusive Education series as well, in their archives.   (And if you want to see Kordelia Devonshire get her own bodacious buns blazed, check her out in the hawt film “Disciplining the Divas,” streaming on-demand…)

stepmom spanks 2

GirlSpanksGirl is also available via the better valued multi-site Clare Pass.

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