May We Have More Ludella Please? Yes!

All photos courtesy of the Clare Fonda Network.

Ludella Hahn spanked by Lady Olivia
Mom has a talk with her girl, played by Ludella Hahn, on SpankedSweeties regarding her fashion sense and assorted other attitude issues. Also available via the better valued Clare Pass.

We here at CRR HQ are as mesmerized by burlesque dancer/pin-up model/spanking starlet Ludella Hahn as our many of this blog’s cherry red readers, judging from the emails we have received recently.

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Ludella Hahn getting spanked

So with help from my trusty assministrator, we thought we’d grab some screen-shots from this delicious SpankedSweeties domestic video, featuring Lady Olivia as Ludella’s stern Mom, and Ludella as the bratty daughter, and blog ’em up for you.  [I added some effects to the pix just for fun.]

Ludella Hahn fetish model getting a spanking

I also love Lady Oliva’s stern manner and strict scolding. . . . .because Mother knows best….

Ludella Hahn


Mom spanking daughter on SpankedSweeties

Mom spanks daughter

Mom spanking daughter OTK

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