Lila Night Spanked & Exposed Over the Knee

Kinda’ random Saturday night post, alas, we here at CRR World Headquarters are just luvin’ this exquisite and exposing screen-grab from Real Spankings Institute, which is also part of the RealSpankings network, which has a scorched ass policy, generally speaking.  This delightful model is the beguiling Lila Night, who has been featured and interviewed on these pages before…

Lila Night spanked otkAs I’ve said in the past, would love to see more spanko producers blaze buns in this exposed otk position please! 🙂

Top Buns: Lila Night

lila nightEpic image.  That’s the stunning Lila Night, exhibiting the after effects of a serious belt whipping.  Image courtesy of  the hard discipline site Real Spankings Institute. You may also enjoy their flagship site: one of the longest-running spank sites: RealSpankings. In addition, some select titles are streaming on-demand for instant viewing Here.

***All sites avail via the better-valued RealSpanking Multi-Site Pass.

P.S.. A recent highlight from RealSpankings was this cheerleader getting a paddling from the Principal:

realspankingsVisit Real Spankings for more previews and info….

A Tail of Two New Tops

Two new iron-handed, and well-dressed, I might add, spankers recently made their ass-blazing debut.  Check out Mr. Valentine over at PunishedBrats, whose large hands and strict spanking style is certain to improve behavior, without a doubt.  His first delicious spank scenes were with the amazing Joelle Barros.  On a side note, I’d love to see these spankees below rock in future videos some wicked cute drop-seat PJ’s.  Just sayin’. . .

punishedbratsMr. Valentine knows how to get his message across, that’s for sure. . . .

punishedbrats*  *  *

Over at Real Spanking Institute, we have a new iron-handed Top by the name of Mr. Heisenberg, who makes short work of turning Lila Night’s gorgeous bottom into a glowing shade of cherry red hotness.  Let’s hope Mr. H brings his tanning talents to their flagship site: Real Spankings.

[Check out more Lila Night pix.]

realspankingsreal spankings

****For more info and more free preview piccies, visit PunishedBrats and Real Spankings Institute.

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Editors Picks

The Amazing Lila Night

lila night realspankings
Pants and panties tugged down, a hard belt whippin’ for Lilla Night. Pic courtesy of RealSpankings.

When I first saw spanking vixen Lila Night getting her perky bottom blazed on the hard discipline site RealSpankings, I was smitten.   This site features no-nonsense HARD punishment and discipline, and beautiful models.  And when I featured a few years back Lila as a guest blogger and also in a lengthy cherryred interview, this spanko was even more enamored and intrigued. So here are four Lila Night pix from recent sizzling hot updates:

lila night realspankings belt punishment
A hard taste of the belt for Lila Night. This is from their “Home from College” series at RealSpankings.
lila night spanked
The spoon goes to work on Lila’s gorgeous bottom. Pic courtesy of RealSpankings.


lila night spanked at realspankings
Sneaking out in skimpy short-shorts earned Lila a paddling. Those shorts did not stay on very long…..Image courtesy of RealSpankings.


lila night paddle spank
Skimpy short-shorts peeled down, Lila’s tiny thong doesn’t offer much protection from the punishing paddle. Image courtesy of RealSpankings.

——->For more info and more preview pix, surf on over to:


Hey Dave, What’s New at RealSpankings?!?

A reader recently wrote in looking for more cherryred blog coverage on the always sizzling and scorching hot RealSpankings website.  And we can oblige.  With pleasure, I might add.

So below are some cherry-cheeked highlights from recent red-ass updates from this bun-blazing site, where the spankings are real. And Hard. Buns are heated to glowing hues.  And the bodacious, wriggling bottoms are red as a ripe cherry.  RealSpankings.

That’s a spankin’. . .Brand new model Syrena gets a hot cherry-cheeked bun blazing…and is also interviewed about her r/l spanking experiences….I love that exposed OTK position.  Check out more spanktastic photos in this style Here.


lila night
The amazing Lila Night spanked and paddled in shorty-shorts? YES.  Read an interview from 2011 with more pix of the exquisite Lila Night.
realspankings punishment
Clockwise: A wicked belt lickin’; spanked over short-shorts; otk action for Stevie Rose; and a blistering domestic-style belt strappin’. All in a days work over at RealSpankings where the punishment is hard and hot.

For more info, surf on over to Real Spankings.


Dear Spanking Producers: More Like This Please?

Kind of a random cherryredtastic thought, but would really dig if spanko content producers could create more vids n’ pix featuring this  sexy, revealing and intimate OTK position: spread out over one knee…naughty bits on display.  It’s that simple — and simply wicked hawt. What are your thoughts? Your comments are appreciated and encouraged as always 🙂

Here are three particularly fine fanny-flaming examples:

spanked otk at punishedbratsGianna Love getting a sizzling tanning at the site where brats get what they deserve: Punished Brats.  In case you missed it, check out a cherryred Q&A with Gianna aka: G-Love, featuring more yummy photos.  Hotness.

*  *  *

amber spanksNow here we have a stunning example of the always delicious Amber, of SpankAmber fame, going to town on a misbehaving hottie via bun-blazing brush.  Nice!

*  *  *

lila night realspankingsUh huh.  Lila Night learning a memorable lesson over at Real Spankings, as her bodacious bottom heats up to a sizzling and glowing hue of cherryredness, splayed out over one knee.

Do check out a 2011 cherryred interview with the beguiling Lila Night, featuring more tasty punishment pix.  And Ms. Night was also featured in this special feature, where she give us the scoop on six gorgeous images.  And she’s even been a guest columnist on this blog.

Photos used in this post are kind courtesy of PunishedBrats, SpankAmber, and RealSpankings.

Cherry Red Bun Blazing Spanking News

The inimitable Chelsea Pfeiffer hauls the endlessly errant Sarah Gregory out of the bathtub and tans her wet backside to a glowing shade of cherry red hotness.  Via Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanking Sarah Gregory
This is one way to dry off a wet bottom.

*  *  *

After a brief hiatus, CherryRedMovies is back on its own domain at, of course,, featuring several thousand spanky vids for your viewing enjoyment.

Perv over to a few Editor’s Picks.

The most popular film playing now at CherryRedMovies continues to be Shadow Lane’s deliriously hot Paddled, Pleasured and Purged, starring Madison Young.

——>Perv on over to this blog post for more info and preview pix on this film.

*  *  *

From Triple A, an extremely erotic and deliciously hott video featuring the beautiful Mishka…..

….And this video also features: Pigtails. Stripey socks. Red tushy. Wheelbarrow position. Uh huhhhh….This is must see viewing, via Triple A Spanking.

Check out a free preview gallery of Mishka and her bubble bum.

*  *  *

On the new sorority spanking site, Kat. St. James gets initiated via a quite fearsome paddle…..[Available via the Clare multi-site pass as well.]

kat st. james gets spanked

*  *  *

The beguiling Lila Night [read an interview with her Here] gets punished hard, via hand and belt, for sunbathing topless over at Real Spankings.

Lila Night spanked hard

*  *  *

Spanking star Dani Hunt and adult films star Cheyenne Jewell learn valuable, stinging and sizzling lessons on Chelsea’s Good Spanking site.

*  *  *

Lana works up a sweat dishing out some hard punishment for misbehaving Michelle Miller, who makes her scorching debut on Spanked Sweeties in a truly bun blazing scene.

——>Check out this post on Michelle Miller for more delicious spanking pix.

african-american spanking on

*  *  *

Pandora Blake gets one heck of a good lickin’ on her fab site Dreams of Spanking.

Pandora Blake gets spanked

*  *  *

Kisa shows her punishment prowess armed with a hairbrush on Marked Butts, as bad girl Stevie Rose squirms and bucks to no avail.

*  *  *

In a somewhat rare role reversal, Amelia Jane Rutherford gets her spank on to the detriment of Belinda Lawson’s bodacious bottom, on Firm Hand Spanking.

*  *  *

Chelsea punishes two tied beauties in the great outdoors, on Sinn Sage’s bun blistering hot and erotic spanking site.

*  *  *

Chloe and her super cute panties get it good and proper on My Spanking Roommate. In addition, Alannah Rae is back on Roomies as well, tanning Kay Richards.

Check out a free preview gallery.

*  *  *

Adult film star Sharon Lee and Veronica Ricci engage in delightfully yummy, cherry red hijinks over on Call Girls.

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