Lindsay Lohan Spanked: New Graphic by Mr. Hyde

What’s up peeps. The unstoppable graphical mastermind and PhotoShop wizard Mr. Hyde strikes again, with a delicious mouth-watering image of troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan, receiving the kind of red-ass rehab that LiLo really needs.

Take your medicine, Lindsay!  Excellent work, Mr. Hyde.  [Hmm. I’ve lost track–is LiLo now out of jail and in rehab I believe or ?]

I had to shrink the image to fit on the bloggie, so the attached doctor’s note thusly reads: “Cherry Red Rehab Center. For relief of bratty symptoms and general naughtyness. Apply spankings thrice daily. Repeat as necessary.”

And you can find all of Mr. Hyde’s earlier work on Mr. Chross’ fine blog, and many of his past cabernet-coloured creations and punishment parodies grace these pages as well.  Thank you Mr. Hyde and keep up the wonderful work!


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