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***Also, some news from Chelsea Pfeiffer, of Good Spanking fame: “We’re shooting in HD now and have gone all MP4 for our clips. The quality is beautiful. Super clear! Also, we’re shooting twice as much and updating twice weekly. We’re looking for new models for all this new content, too, so there will be more variety among the ladies. Plus, we are not raising the price of membership for all this. Just a little FYI.” For more info, surf on over to Good Spanking!

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A Pictorial Tribute to Spanking Star Lola Marie

UK-based spanking and adult star Lola Marie is a stunner, and has shot for a deliciously wide array of purveyors of wickedly hawt spanking erotica.

spanking model Lola Marie
Exquisite imagery of Lola Marie courtesy of Dreams of Spanking.

So we here at CRR thought we’d blog up a bloggystle tribute…..Below is just a small yet cherryredtatic sampling of some of her bun-burning work.  You can follow Lola Marie on twitter and for more info, visit her Adult Work site.

lola marie spanking model
Beautiful.  Image courtesy of Dreams of Spanking.

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