Celebrity Guest Blogger deMandie Rae: 5 Reasons Spanking Turns Me On!

Enjoy this superb, thought-provoking and informative cherryred guest blog post by the unstoppable fetish star, pro Domme and sex educator deMandie Rae, who is currently shooting sizzling spank action films for Punished Brats.  I think this guest post is one of the best explanations of the spanking fetish that I’ve read in a long time….think you’ll agree.

demandie rae

Written by deMandie Rae

5 Reasons Spanking Turns Me On!

While spanking is one of my more lighthearted fetishes, it is also one of my favorites. One of the questions I get asked the most is why I love spanking so much. I suppose it is time to reveal what exactly it is about getting spanked that does it for me.

1. Giving up control: My everyday life is filled with responsibilities, like most people. I have a very demanding schedule that often consumes my days. I don’t have a lot of Continue reading “Celebrity Guest Blogger deMandie Rae: 5 Reasons Spanking Turns Me On!”

Top Buns: Mandie, Vanessa, Skin Diamond, Scarlot & Gigi

Mandie Rae learns a memorable lesson on PunishedBratsThe beguiling Mandie Rae of PunishedBrats fame.   In case you missed it, check out her intriguing and informative cherryred guest post.  Mandie is one of 4 wicked hot new models that P-Brats has recently shot with.  And she also will be cherryred guest-blogging again soon.  YES!

*  *  *

Speaking of top buns, this is new spankette Vanessa. You’re in the army now, young lady! Totally digging this recent military-themed update over at Spanked in Uniform…

uniform discipline*  *  *

Do check out ebony pornstar Skin Diamond getting her luscious bottom tanned in a Continue reading “Top Buns: Mandie, Vanessa, Skin Diamond, Scarlot & Gigi”

Cherry Red Exclusive: Guest Blogger & Fetish Model deMandie Rae on Spankings, PunishedBrats, Tears & More

mandie rae

deMandie Rae is a beautiful fetish model, lifestyle player, pro Domme, sex educator and now spanking model — and most certainly deLovely.  And deMandie recently joined the top-notch crew at Punished Brats for several smouldering spank shoots, which will be posted soon on PunishedBrats, and Ms. Rae was kind enough to give CRR the intriguing behind-the-scenes scoop.

Written by deMandie Rae

I’ve been creeping Punished Brats photos for a long time and when the infamous Mr. Pierson approached me about shooting with them, I jumped at the chance. When we talked on the phone he mentioned he’d like to take the website in a new direction and do something a little darker.

demandi rae spankingWell, darker is right up my alley. Even though I am adorable, cute, and upbeat, my favorite forms of play are not. I prefer psychologically intense, humiliating, and painful scenes. I revel in my own tears and enjoy being pushed out of my comfort zone.

We were excited but there was some concern about how the audience might feel about being so “awful” to a nymphet such as myself. It then dawned on me that we could combine the two!

Why not let Daddy give me a cutesy, barehanded, school girl type spanking and then let me endure some more sadistic punishment.

Thus, “Three Strikes” was born. The premise of which is that I am a very bratty (I didn’t even have to act for this part!) teen who has been Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive: Guest Blogger & Fetish Model deMandie Rae on Spankings, PunishedBrats, Tears & More”

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