Bun Blazing Cherry Red Spanking News

What up my spanky peeps? Well, I say, there is certainly heaps of cherry redness in the spanky world – it’s a challenge to keep with all the latest and greatest hawtness.  But we here at CRR are gonna’ try, so here are some recent sizzling highlights.

Triple A Spanking features this extremely delicious update, featuring the rarely seen “wheelbarrow” position, starring the delicious Mishka.  Extremely sexy hotness. Check out a mouth-watering preview photo gallery. Uh huh.

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A naughty Naval cadet gets a good dose of the leather strap on Spanked in Uniform:

*  *  *

Blistered rears and tears are the name of the game at Bun Beating Fun, something new model Summer learns the hard way:

*  *  *

Veronica Ricci, rocking super cute pigtails, experiences first-hand how ass blistering Continue reading “Bun Blazing Cherry Red Spanking News”

Cherry Red Exclusive: Catching Up with Chelsea Pfeiffer

Chelsea Pfeiffer with her spanking hairbrushWhat up spanky peeps. My trusty assministrator reminded me that CRR had not chatted with the legendary Chelsea Pfeiffer, of Good Spanking fame, in a ways — so we gave her a shout and below is the 411 with what’s new on Planet Chelsea.

—->You can also watch Chelsea get her spank on, On-Demand, in over 50 movies now playing at CherryRedMovies, such as the one below. Uh huh.

Thank you Chelsea for taking the time to chat with CRR.  How are you doing these days?

I’m doing very well. Thank you!

I was wondering with all the gorgeous bottoms that you cherry redden, does your hand ever get tired or not really?

Not really. I mean it’s more like my shoulder gets tired 😉 That’s what implements are for.

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks a naughty girl otk

Indeed! So how did you end up working with the bodacious adult film star Dani Daniels on Good Spanking [GS] ?

Sinn Sage brought Dani Daniels over for a Sinn Sage shoot and we were charmed, to say the least, and rushed to have her back for GS as soon as we could get her.

What’s it like having her awesomeness over your seasoned lap? And it looks like she was introduced to most of your toys?

It was great having Dani over my lap. She’s very beautiful and responsive. She’s very Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive: Catching Up with Chelsea Pfeiffer”

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