Free Vid Clip: A Taste of Mina Meow

mina meow

Tantalizing tail tanning vid clip below for your viewing pleasure, starring Chelsea Pfeiffer and Mina Meow from the film “The Mina Meow Stories.”  Check out an interview from 2010 with the beguiling Mina.

Newbies: Watch 10 minutes for free at CherryRedMovies. It’s fun and easy and you can choose from 1000’s of spanking and fetish flicks, all streaming on-demand.

Also, check out this latest bodacious bun-blazing compilation from Shadow Lane, featuring spanking scenes from 22 different Shadow Lane vidz!

Cherry Red Exclusive: An Interview with Miss Mina Meow

Are you familiar with the purrfectly exquisite Miss Mina Meow? This petite beauty has gotten my spanko senses tingling ever since I saw her squirming otk in a Dallas Spanks Hard classic film [the aftermath of which is pictured at left] — but currently, she’s a pro Domme in LA.

Her spanking work was featured recently in this blog post Here and you can check out more of her adult/fetish work on her page at CherryRedMovies over Here.

CHERRY AWARD: I would also like to give her a special “Cherry” award for: Fastest Response Ever to an Interview. She responded to my email questions in just about an hour or two(!), a new CRR record.

Mina Meow is a self-described “born pervert” with a serious addiction for high heels and has appeared as a gorgeous spankee who epitomizes posterior perfection in CP films from the likes of Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer, and Dallas, among others. [Check out this classic spanking gallery of Mina with Clare over HERE and I especially love this one HERE.]

If you want to see Mina spanked as a naughty schoolgirl, I just discovered this classic Cal-Star film “School for Spanking” which is available on-demand at CherryRedMovies. She appears under the stage name “Isabel.”

I included a lovely frame-grab above right. We are talking knee-high white socks, white panties, plenty of plaid, the works in this CherryRedMovies vid. The schoolgirl scenario just never gets old…..Mina starred in various other Cal-Star spanking films such as “Spanking Big E, Part 7.” and “Part 8: Punishment Clinic,” to name a few….

However, she has switched kinky gears — for the past year, Mina has worked professionally in LA as a Dominatrix.

CRR chatted with Miss Mina Meow via email to get the scoop.

Want to know more about Mina Meow, her favorite implements, working in the fetish/spanking biz and such? Read on, fellow spankos. . .

* * *

Thanks for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report! So I see you have over 1,000 followers on Twitter. Are you enjoying sending out tweets to your friends and fans?

Twitter is very entertaining. I have to be careful though and avoid giving everyone TMI [too much information] lol! I do enjoy how easy Twitter makes it to keep in contact with all my friends and fans as well.

Mina Meow in iconic, classic form over the lap of Clare Fonda.

Anyway, I primarily know of you from your spanking shoots. On your website MistressMina, it describes your Dominatrix sessions in L.A.–how do you like working in this role, as a pro Domina?

I love working as a Pro-Domina — it’s very fulfilling and allows me to Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive: An Interview with Miss Mina Meow”

The Spanking World of Miss Mina Meow

The exquisite Miss Mina MeowAn exclusive Q&A with the amazing Miss Mina Meow, who is now a pro Domme in LA, is forthcoming on The Cherry Red Report.

To whet your appetite for that blog feature, here’s some recollections, and yummy pix, on Mina Meow’s bottom-burning work as a sizzling, squirming spankee.  Mina has worked with a wide array of spanking producers, so I picked three that I was most familiar with, including Chelsea Pfeiffer, Clare Fonda and Dallas.

**Mina has also done heaps of adult work, bondage, fetish and more, a tasty sampling of which can be found on Mina Meow’s page at CherryRedMovies.

Though straight-ahead spanking is more my speed, check out Scene 2 in this California Star film for a yummy otk spanking scene with Mina [screenshot pictured at left.]

I do wonder how many fetish models make the switch from sub to pro Domme, and perhaps vice versa. . .? Or you have super versatile spankos like Audrey who seem comfortable in a wide variety of Top, bottom and Switch roles, as exhibited, for example, in this F/m gallery.

Be that as it may, Mina possesses one of the most luscious bottoms you will ever see. And her fetish modeling work is stunning.

[On a Side Note: Speaking of Clare Fonda, perv over to these new pulse-pounding spanking pix of Amelia Jane Rutherford and Clare’s camerman “Dan”–gee, tough job Dan has. Imagine having that gig? No, I can not imagine. . .]

*  *  *

Chelsea Pfeiffer from GoodSpanking:

Working with Mina is a joy. She’s professional, but very pleasant and always eager to please.

chelsea tans mina\'s gorgeous ass otk

She’s very pretty, tiny, but tough. Recently, I’ve discovered that she a very effective (albeit cute) Top!

*  *  *

Clare Fonda from the Clare Fonda Spanko Network:

Mina Meow is the total package: Looks, brains and she can take it hard.

She seems to be able to play any scenario brilliantly and she also has the dubious honor of being the spanking model my ex boyfriends find most attractive.  One of them cleaned his car with a diaper she had worn. [Check out this sample foto gallery HERE and this one HERE.]

*  *  *

Dallas from Dallas Spanks Hard:

The most interesting part of our shoot was she was spanked in front of her then Master.

You can actually see her on camera look over as to plead him to intervene. He did not. He told me later that this type of spanking was overdue. He was a friend of mine.

Our shoot was one of the first (on camera) and definitely hardest spankings Mina Meow has ever received.


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