Guest Blogger MinxGrrl: A Spanking Translation Guide

What’s up my spanky peeps. So one day, you see, per chance I happened upon this wicked cool spanking “translation guide” post on MinxGrrl’s fine blog, and I asked her if I could re-blog it in full on the cherry red blog, as it is awesome; she said yes and I said: hurrah! As you may know Minxx is an exquisite fetish model, lifelong spanko and butt-blazingly hawt writer.  Feel free to clip this translation guide and tape it to your fridge for further study and analysis. So here goes:

“A Minx Translation Guide” — Written by MinxGrrl. Re-posted with permission.

Before the spanking

MInx Grrl

The bratting: If I am being a brat, chances are I am pushing to see how much I can get away with before you take action.

Finding out how long you will take my brattiness until I get “the look” or a verbal warning with *that* tone…or no warning before I’m over a lap or knee. It is also my way of giving you a reason to spank me…in case just being me isn’t reason enough.

What you do: Threaten me with a spanking or punishment of some sorts or give me the look.

What you see: Blushing and possibly a look of horror on my face. Usually followed with silence.

What I’m feeling: Really? You promise? Prove it. Make me believe you. Make me know I have to obey you. That I am not the one in charge here.

What you do: Use that tone that means only one thing.

What I do: Try to hide and disappear into myself especially if we are in public.

What I’m thinking: Shiiit, that tone…it makes my knees weak. I want to push one more time to see if Continue reading “Guest Blogger MinxGrrl: A Spanking Translation Guide”

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