Batman spanks Batgirl

Exquisite artwork by the unstoppable artist “Mr. Jer.”  The world needs superheroes. More than ever. . . .

COMING SOON: A titillating tribute to Samantha Woodley; a flaming hot feature on spankee starlet Christy Cutie; cherry red exclusive interview with one of the stars of EE7;  don’t forget to check out the newest Sweetie by the name of Ginger: also forthcoming soon shall be a wicked cool guest column from a special contributor who stars on the Dreams of Spanking site; winner of the Triple A caption contest to be announced shortly; a tribute to “Bare Bottom Memories” shall be posted soon; and heaps more cherry hot goodness in the works….

BTW, have you met the latest cherry red editorial intern, Catie ?

……Because life is better when it’s cherry red.

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