Got Chloe Love? A SpankedSweeties Spanking Debut!

Spanked Sweeties.
Chloe Love gets punished by Dad and Mom in the latest old-fashioned spanking update at SpankedSweeties.  For fans of tiny short-shorts, this is a must-see.

Yet another super cute Chloe! Recently we had the exquisite Chloe Amour debuting on Sweeties, and continuing that theme, this just in: the latest hot-off-the-press SpankedSweetie is the beautiful Chloe Love, making her pro spanking debut — though she’s no stranger to a tanned hide it seems…..There’s also mouth soaping in this update, Daddy’s belt, tiny daisy duke shorts, and more cherryred hotness. 

chloe love sweetiesPlus Chloe is interviewed in detail about her real-life spanking experiences.  You can also get yourself hooked up with Sweeties via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass.  YES!

For more Chloe Love, surf on over to Spanked Sweeties: Old-Fashioned, Traditional Domestic Discipline, Panties Down!

spanking site Spanked Sweeties

Samantha Woodley Gets Her Mouth Washed Out With Soap

“But wait, I promise I won’t be so fresh next time….I won’t be such a dirty girl….”

There really is something quite intriguing and yummy, you see, in regards to the beguiling Samantha Woodley getting her naughty mouth washed out with soap for being a very fresh, quite possibly rude girl, and her famed backside spanked cherry red as well, as recently seen on a sizzling spanko update from Firm Hand Spanking. Hm…wonder what kinda’ soap that is? Ivory?

**CHERRY RED SPANKO QUESTION: Do you ever throw in some sudsy mouth-soapings with your spanking and disciplinary activities? Feel free to leave some comments on this soapy topic.

One of the hottest spanking pix I've seen recently....Yum.

Uh huh, what a masterful simultaneous spanking and mouth soaping image above *swoon* Talk about multi-tasking, hmm…As I recall, BadTushy did a fantastic simultaneous soaping and very hard belt spanking shoot back in 2007. This model’s tight tail was tanned cherry red:

Soaped and strapped hard with the belt by Ms. Law, in this classic BadTushy scene...

And the famed fetish illustrator Kami Tora has artistically depicted this soapy spanky topic quite nicely Here. On a side note, my journalistic attempts at securing an interview with the elusive Ms. Woodley have fizzled out, to date.  🙁 Alas, we shall keep diligently trying here at Cherry Red HQ.

Apparently, Ms. Woodley is no stranger to the taste of soap in her naughty seen here in this older pic from Firm Hand....

In the meantime, you can check out more of Samantha, Alison Miller and the whole gang at Firm Hand Spanking.  You can also watch a variety of Samantha scenes instantly on-Demand at CherryRedMovies.

Watch Samantha Woodley get punished and spanked now On-Demand. Watch 10 minutes for free:

Samantha Woodley

Some classic Samantha clips from ShadowLane, Chelsea Pfeiffer and Strictly English, all available for viewing at CherryRedMovies:

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