Top Buns; Nikki Rouge; New from Shadow Lane

top buns

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In case you missed it, Nikki Rouge gets a hard Dad-spanking over at SpankedSweeties, and is interviewed in detail about her spanking experiences. Also available via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass.

nikki rouge

—–>Check out a 2010 cherryred interview with Nikki Rouge, with more tasty pix!

And btw, the cherryred archives with heaps more interviews can be found Here.

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The Sleepover; And Cherry Red Spanking Galleries

sleepover spankred3d artwork
I love slumber parties.  Above is a an exclusive sneak-peek at a forthcoming fanny-flaming cherry-cheeked update from SpankRed3D, concerning a sleepover party that turns into a cherryred-themed spank fest.  The classic spin the bottle game turns into….spin the hairbrush? We shall soon find out at SpankRed3d.

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And now a few fresh and tasty spanky galleries, as well as links to nuggets of cherryred goodness.

Cherry Red Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Fetish & Spanking Star Nikki Rouge

What’s up spanky peeps. The spanking research division here at Cherry Red HQ wanted to go behind-the-scenes with one of the spankees starring in Clare Fonda’s annual 10-schoolgirl spankapalooza red ass festival: Exclusive Education 5, which is available now on Clare’s Girl Spanks Girl site or via her multi-site pass.

And we thought, you see, why not feature the exquisite fetish model, fiery redhead, and spanking star Nikki Rouge, who had yet to be featured on these cherry red pages before?  Well, I say, capital idea!

Also, in addition to her bottom busting gigs and stunning pro modeling work, Nikki also works as a switch at The Dominion fetish club in L.A.

Thank you Nikki for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report. So what was it like shooting Clare’s annual epic schoolgirl spanking saga, Exclusive Education 5, featuring 10 spunky hotties?

Clare’s shoot was wonderful. It was my first time shooting for her as well as my first time being spanked by another lady.

I know you’ve done some butt-burning shoots with Dallas [of Dallas Spanks Hard fame], and also starred in the delicious Shadow Lane film “Bare Assets,” directed by the legendary Eve Howard, where you play a trust fund brat spanked by your financial adviser [Editorial Note: this is a must see!].

You are amazingly gorgeous in both shoots btw. How did the experience of shooting EE5 compare to the Dallas and Shadow Lane vids?

Well, this was my first time being spanked by a group of super hot women — on film that is. It was fun having all the different personalities on set and Continue reading “Cherry Red Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Fetish & Spanking Star Nikki Rouge”

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Clare Fonda’s Camerman

It’s not an easy job.

But somebody has to do it.

He is known simply as The Cameraman, recording for posterity and deliciously documenting the disciplinary adventures of Clare Fonda’s network of five sites for the past 11 years, including Clare’s flagship site of sizzling spanking and candid interviews: Spanked Sweeties.

Sultry sirens. Recalcitrant rebels. Headstrong honeys.  If there’s spanking going on and the resulting general cherry redness in the posterior region, The Man Known as The Cameraman is in charge of shooting and editing the fetish footage and taking the pix.

CRR chatted with The Camerman to get an inside look at life in the spanking biz, and also get a behind-the-scenes look at Clare’s annual epic of extreme epicness, Exclusive Education, Part 5. [You can also check out some Clare Fonda films available on-demand via her page at CherryRedMovies.]

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Thank you very much for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. For starters, I mean, seriously, for real, you must have a dream job, am I right?

Yes, I have a dream job.  Nothing more to say.

But are there any downsides to this gig, just like at any job? although you are apparently surrounded by scantily-clad, gorgeous models with glowing cherry-red bottoms? i.e. misplaced spanking implements? models blowing off gigs?

Yes, despite all the perks, it is a job and there is work to do and typically there is a lot of work to do in a very short period of time. And the work never ends.

So sometimes after several hours of hard work, while I’m driving home from a shoot, I might think: “Damn, those models were really amazing, I should have stopped and enjoyed that shoot more.”

Indeed! Talk to me about Clare’s annual schoolgirl saga, Exclusive Education 5, now playing at Girl Spanks Girl. Overall, what was that experience like, from your perspective, behind the camera, and editing the footage as well?

I love working on the Exclusive Education shoots.  Clare sometimes lets me throw my two cents into the planning stages.  It is very intense during the shoot trying to make sure we get everything and don’t screw up.  There are challenges you might not typically think of – like working the space and staying out of the second camera guy’s shots.

Will there be a release of outtakes, like a blooper reel ?

Believe it or not, there aren’t many bloopers on these things.  Especially this year.  Lana is usually good for a line or gesture or two – and I think she helped us out again this year – so look for a Lana blooper.  Nothing that will make you pee your pants laughing, however.

I understand that exquisite spankee Elise Graves cried real tears during the shoot. Was that over Clare’s knee or ?

Elise started crying when she was over Lana’s lap.  I don’t think the photos and video even do her tears justice – she was balling, sobbing – the whole water works.  It seemed genuine – but I don’t know – in any case – she gets an A+ in my book for not holding back.

Which model made you laugh the most?

Well Clare and Lana are naturally funny.  Hysterical, really.  Sarah Gregory has a dry sense of humor – so her humor kind of sneaks up on Continue reading “Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Clare Fonda’s Camerman”

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