5 Questions with New Spanking Model Dorothy Burnett

dorothyWe are pleased to present 5 cherryred questions with new spankette and fetish/webcam model Dorothy Burnett, who recently starting shooting some wicked hot spank films with Northern Spanking. perplexed

collage northern spankings

1. So how did you end up having blue hair? :–)

I’ve wanted brightly colored hair since I was really little since I was always interested in anime. In anime the main characters have bright hair colors so you can instantly tell they are important! I’ve been dying my hair since I was 14 years old.

2. What is it like working with the Northern Spanking team?

I absolutely adore everyone!! I’ve been longing to be introduced to this world for as long as I’ve known Alex and I’m so happy that we were able to have so much fun together.

I like Paul very much but I am more shy with men, while I feel that I can be more open and myself with Alex (Reynolds).

And I also have spent more time with Alex so we are much closer! Rafa, who recently started working with Northern Spankings as cameraman is one of my very best friends. I think he enjoyed watching me get spanked a little too much… I definitely have had some punishment coming for a while!!

3. Any fantasies that you’d like to film in the near future?

I love anything fun and like to explore things that are a little bit weird. As for something I would like to film… Since I am new there are so many possibilities and I would love to explore many things!

4. What’s your favest implement and least fav?

Well I only had just had my first spanking not long ago… from my limited experience I would have to say that so far I loved the intimacy of a bare hand.

And I think I had a really good first time. I was definitely sore for a few days and had some lasting marks but the rush of excitement made me a bit fluttery and I would like to see if I can push my limits even further next time. I did not distinctly dislike anything!

5. What are some of your non-spanking vanilla interests?

As I mentioned earlier ANIME! It’s like my morning coffee. I like to start my day with it. Video games are even better since they make you use your brain. I am very submersed in that sort of culture and love drawing, and petting stingrays. I am also studying contortion and want to one day become an aerialist.

For more info, visit Northern Spanking!! ūüôā

Of Automotive Correction, Outdoor Discipline & Scarlot Rose

Have you ever had to pull your car over, and haul a misbehaving spankette directly over your lap, right in the backseat?¬† Paul from the fine site Northern Spanking recently did just that — featuring naughty Lottie Kinsade receiving some behavior modification.¬† Paul tells CRR this recent update is a recreation of a mid-80’s Blushes magazine pictorial.¬† Well-done, I say!
lottie kinsade northern spankingAnd Northern Spanking is no stranger to outdoor discipline — check out this beautiful image of the beguiling Scarlot Rose getting a leathering….

scarlot rose northern spankingAnd below is a collage of a few more delicious outdoor Scarlot Rose photos, and a few others I love as well….

scarlot rose spanking———->For more information, surf on over to Northern Spanking.

 northern spanking

8 Amazing Images You Need to See: Exquisite Red-Bottom Spanking Highlights featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford

Spanking Model Amelia Jane Rutherford
Spanking superstar Amelia Jane offers CRR the scoop on this fab image:¬†¬† “This is from Spanking Sarah and it was a brilliant shoot.¬† Lovely thick cane (have finally discovered that’s my favourite type) and Sarah was in fine form¬†being utterly beastly and¬†unreasonable as a Top. ¬†Brilliant!¬† I felt sorry for the poor teddy being dragged into it though, what did he do wrong? ¬†And it was SO painful! the last thing we shot in a 2 day shoot, so I was sore¬†before the caning even started.”

The legendary fetish model and spanking superstar Amelia Jane Rutherford has been featured in sooooo many top-notch spank action films and photo shoots — I thought I’d select some of her glowing hot highlights from the past year or so.¬† BTW, she’s also graced the pages of this site by guest-blogging for CRR: for example, check out her 2013 blog post: “Six Reasons NOT to Wear Panties” and surf over to a behind-the scenes style feature with more fab eye-candy imagery.

On a side note, you can now enjoy some of her classic bun-blazing work on Shadow Lane’s newly revamped website. And if you dig on-demand streaming videos, check out a few AJR vids playing now on CherryRedMovies — new users to this site can watch 10min for free.

Anyway, free to email me with your own Amelia Jane photo faves, or leave a comment below. Enjoy! ūüôā

amelia jane rutherford spanking otk
Deliciously stern Momma Dana is displeased with her daughter, Sarah Gregory and their new British exchange student, Amelia, as both have been running about with no panties on! Blazing red ass ensues!  Amazing video from the pulse-pounding domestic discipline site Momma Spankings.   FYI:  Last summer, AJR provided this blog with her thoughts on this memorable shoot featuring more steamy photos.  

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Paul Kennedy’s Top 5 Northern Spanking Highlights of 2012

northern spanking
Paul Kennedy gets his spank on….

Dave asked me some time ago if I would write something for the Cherry Red and, aside from the time taken to run our own little spanking empire(!), I had absolutely no idea what to write about. Hence this Northern Spanking Top 5 for 2012 appears one quarter of the way through 2013. Sorry Dave!

Hopefully by way of some creative writing from (an increasingly defective) memory and some shameless self-publicity, I can give a bit of an insight into what life is like for a spanking film producer.

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Exclusive! Behind the Scenes with Molly Malone!

spanking model molly malone

The spanktastic Molly Malone is a relative newcomer to the cherry red spanko scene, and Molly, a self-described “true switch,” has embraced this red-bottomed, sizzling hot world with delicious enthusiasm and wicked awesomeness.¬† We asked Ms. Malone for a behind-the-scenes scoop on a selection of her video shoots, and she graciously responded with these juicy tidbits….enjoy!

Triple A Spanking ‚Äď Wheelbarrow spanking shoot with Amelia

Molly Malone spanking model

This was my first shoot with Triple A, and my first time meeting the infamous Amelia Jane Continue reading “Exclusive! Behind the Scenes with Molly Malone!”

Cherry Red Interview: A Q&A with Spanking Model Lottie Kinsade

Hello spankos. I must admit the CRR Editorial Board was sadly unfamiliar with the beguiling Lottie Kinsade until a reader recently suggested I feature her on the blog.

Capital idea, as this 20-something spanko from the UK is truly and indeed quite delightful.

Lottie’s first spanking shoots were with Northern Spanking, and she gets her blog on at Lottie’s Spanking Place. She’s also one of the featured models on the new site Spanked in Uniform. I’m gonna skip my periodically overlong, meandering, sometimes rambling intros and just get right to the Q&A. As always, comments are welcome and appreciated.

Thank you kindly Lottie for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report. What’s the weather been like recently in the UK these days?

Ooh I do love talking about the weather! Well, it’s still pretty cold, and I hear its going to get a bit colder and we may have some more snow on the way.

Your bio on your blog says you are into “general mischief making.” Hmm! Care to elaborate? Does that include “bratting” ? Fresh behavior and the like?

As a terribly naughty schoolgirl, Lottie gets a dose of some tough love, OTK-style, on the new site Spanked in Uniform.

Well i guess I do like to be a bit naughty but in a good way, mostly just teasing and being playful and I suppose I do let my ‘inner child’ out sometimes too! I’d say Im a good girl really rather than a brat!

I read on your blog you are in University–just wondering how that is going and what you are studying? If I may ask, does anyone help keep you line these days, for, say, naughty behavior or low grades or what-not?

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