6 Amazing Illos from Spanking Toons

The spanko mastermind behind the must-see Spanking Toons is one of the best new artists I’ve seen in quite some time, as the illos are sexy and hawt yet have a fine sense of humor and good-natured fun.  Here’s 6 recent faves.  Simply click on the thumbnail for the full-size and enjoy! 🙂  In other spanking artwork news, I’m working on an interview with the talented artist behind SpankRed3D, so stay tuned for that.

A Short Q&A with Bliss Evermore

Over Lana's seasoned lap, Bliss Evermore learns a lesson. . .

Despite being terribly distracted from watching, in the name of blog research, you see, Shadow Lane’s latest mega-compilation vid, I had to get my spank on, bloggy-style, and chatted briefly with fetish model Bliss Evermore, who is one of the delightfully naughty schoolgirls in Clare Fonda’s annual spanking epic: Exclusive Education 6, now playing at Girl Spanks Girl. [Also available via Clare’s multi-site spank-pass.] Gotta’ love those pigtails!

>>Free Piccies: Check out a hawt EE6 gallery here. And also here.

>>More Free Piccies: Bun-blazin’ hairbrush spanking pix gallery.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with CRR. So what was the experience like, shooting Clare’s annual schoolgirl spank-fest, Exclusive Education 6? and had you ever shot anything like this before?

My overall experience shooting with Clare Fonda on Exclusive Education 6 was top notch. I couldn’t have been any luckier to be a part of this project. I’ve come away with some great new friends too. I have worked on various spanking projects, just not with such a large cast & crew as this one.

How did you end up landing this mega-spank shoot gig ?

I ended up being cast by pure luck — I had been in contact with Clare for about a month & she said if someone couldn’t make the shoot that she would be sure to fit me in.

Have you ever worked with any of the other models cast in EE6?

The only cast member that I knew before the shoot was Lilia Spinoza, whom I’ve known since 2009. I’m going to actually be working again with her soon.

What was up with that gigantic mega-paddle I saw being wielded during the film shoot? That beast looks way too big and unwieldy…..

When I saw that monster of a paddle, I just started laughing: it was my honest to god natural reaction. I haven’t had the honor of experiencing its power yet, but never says never…

How would you describe Clare’s butt-blazin’ style vs. Lana’s vs. Snow Mercy’s?

I haven’t sampled Clare’s work yet, but I look forward to in the future. Snow in my opinion Continue reading “A Short Q&A with Bliss Evermore”

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