A Tribute to Danielle Hunt

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Not sure how many of you are familiar with this beautiful new spanking model: the delectable, delightfully naughty Danielle Hunt, who has played many roles over at Spanked in Uniform, from unruly soldier to misbehaving police cadet. This just in: Danielle will soon be starring over at Triple A Spanking. Hurrah!

danielle hunt spanked in uniform

Here are a few fanny-flaming sizzling samples of her terrific work at SIU, a unique site featuring an array of excellent “espisodes”…

i.e. Rockford School of Dance, and quite a collection of hotties clad in uniforms, from schoolgirls to flight attendants all getting old-fashioned spankings. Heaps of pix and vids in the members’ section. Enjoy these preview pix below!

danielle hunt spanked in uniform
Perhaps my favest Danielle Hunt pic


danielle hunt spanked in uniform
Hmm..Love those white panties, but they won’t stay on long…


panties down spanking danielle hunt
An airline pilot chastises Danielle, his sassy stewardess on Spanked in Uniform


danielle hunt spanked in uniform
You’are in the army now, young lady!


danielle hunt spanked in uniform
But this is SO embarrasing!


danielle hunt spanking over the knee
Let’s warm up these tight white pants, shall we?


To see all the spanking hotness, visit Spanked in Uniform.

Hard Lessons

california star spanking films cherryredmoviesWhat’s up my spanky peeps? I have always absolutely loved this iconic box cover image, featuring Mistress Gemini in a CalStar film called “Hard Lessons,” which is playing now at CherryRedMovies. The photo possesses that titillating tushy-tanning triumvirate of exquisite dynamics, positioning, and expression.

Here’s a spanky clip from the film. [More free video clips can be found Here.] And also some more hawt ones Here.¬† ūüôā

If you dig Mistress Gemini, here is a link to her page on CherryRedMovies, featuring over 60 of her fetish titles.

spanking on-demand cherryredmovies

The Spanking World of Adult Film Star Tom Byron

The intersection of the spanking fetish and the world of mainstream adult film has always been a curious one. . .

Tom Byron

Be that as it may, it’s certainly superb to see a famous adult film star who apparently also enjoys gettin’ spanky with it: Tom Byron, who is in the Adult Video News Hall of Fame and has directed and starred in countless films since he broke into the biz in 1982.¬† Tom has filmed a bunch of steamy spanking films, including several with his own butt on the receiving end.

In his most recent spanking video pictured above, sassy lass Sarah Gregory and the always mischievous Kat St. James feel the wrath of Tom’s well-practiced hand, belt and hairbrush in Shadow Lane’s sizzling new release entitled Bad Girls, which is now playing on-demand at Cherry Red Movies, where you watch what you want. When you want. And you can try it for free. . .

Kailee learns the hard way.

Over the years, Tom has been no stranger to tanning backsides a most lovely shade of cherry red hawtness, as can be seen in his other butt-blazing work Here.  The film pictured below stars a younger Tom Byron going for the rockstar look, and the stunning Virginia Lewis receiving a panty-warming, in one of my personal favs:

Below are several clips of Tom in action for your cherrytastic pleasure: simply click on the video for more info.¬† The first 2 are from the most recent Shadow Lane Bad Girls vid…..

Here are a few more classic vids clips from the earlier spanking work of Tom Byron — the first one is from the fab flick “Bad Girls Get Spanked.” Enjoy!

P.S.  This just in from CherryRedMovies: recently watched a yummy scene from the film Painful Cure from CalStar, starring a spanking therapist who takes his job quite seriously. Uh huh..more on this film later.

Talking Sassy Schoolgirls, Sizzling Spanking, Mega Paddles & More with Clare Fonda’s Cameraman

Snow Mercy, Lana and Clare Fonda in "Exclusive Education 6"

What up my spanky peeps? The editorial crew here at Cherry Red HQ thought we’d ask Clare Fonda’s long-time cameraman a few queries on what it was like filming Clare’s annual mega-schoolgirl spank fest: Exclusive Education 6, which is now playing on Girl Spanks Girl. [Also available via Clare’s multi-site spank pass.]

Featuring nine bratty and beautiful schoolgirls and three butt-blazing hairbrush and paddle-wielding Tops, EE6 is sure to be must viewing for schoolgirl spanking fans…and general fans of cherry redness.

On a side note, the highly spankable former Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci is back this week on Clare’s flagship site Spanked Sweeties, in a smoking scene getting spanked by Ten Amorrete.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report. And congrats on the release of EE6!  [>>>Check out a free sample gallery from the shoot Here.]

Exclusive Education 6

You are welcome. It’s always a pleasure to check in with Cherry Red.

How long did it take to edit all the footage from this annual schoolgirl spankapalooza?

The editing went faster than usual this year.  There was a lot less stopping during the shoot.  Every time there is a cut, I need to sync up the three cameras again.  Last year I spent around 120 hours editing EE5.

It was a longer video last year and there were more challenges.¬† This year everything was super smooth, and it ran almost like a play, rarely stopping.¬† I’d say it was about 35 to 40 hours of post production work for EE6.

How long was the actual shoot itself?

There are two camera guys on this shoot and we shoot pretty much from the time we arrive on set to the time we leave.  No breaks.  We were there just under 5 hours, including setting up our lights and equipment and striking the equipment.

The last hour, we split off with two crews and the other camera guy shot a Fem Dom scene with a guy getting spanked by some of the schoolgirls (I haven’t looked at the footage yet), and I shot some schoolgirl spanking scenes in a small office for Hot Girls Spanked.

How do the stars and crew stay energized through such a lengthy shoot?

The cast feeds off the energy from each other.  There is definitely a buzz created by such a large cast.  Clare Fonda also keeps it moving and generates much of the energy herself.

Over Lana's lap, a lesson will be learned via a cherry red backside...

Love the cameo with the hot cheerleader scene [pictured at left.] Just thinking ahead, but any chance of having next year’s Exclusive Education be an all-cheerleader shoot?

You will need to work on Clare if you want any variances to the schoolgirl shoot as she is the mastermind behind it. An all cheerleader cast¬†sounds interesting to me, and I have lobbied for sorority girls in the past, but schoolgirls are very popular and I don’t expect it¬†will stray from that traditional theme.

>>>>Click here for a beautiful gallery of EE6’s cheerleader scene<<<

What was the funniest [or most memorable] thing that happened on-set?

If you watch Lana’s face while she is spanking her niece Mandee [pictured below], you will see that she is really struggling not to smile or laugh.¬† This is her real life niece, who she raised and is in fact playing her daughter in the episode.

Hard-spanking Lana''s real-life niece gets a sizzling, panties-down tanning on EE6.

I wasn’t sure how Lana or Mandee would react to this situation, but they made it funny. Real funny.¬† At one point, Lana couldn’t contain the smile and just started laughing out loud.¬† One of our rare cuts.

Who would you say was the most spunky and bratty?

Ten Amorette [pictured below right] is definitely the only cast member brave enough to get real bratty on this shoot. Gotta give it up for Ten!  Nena was surprisingly spunky and it got her a lot of extra smacks with the hairbrush and even some with a paddle.

Ten gets a burning backside via Snow Mercy's hairbrush on EE6....

Will you be releasing a blooper reel of humorous outtakes and such?

After the regular spanking clips play out, there will be a blooper clip.  Short, but entertaining.

Where did you get that enormous mega paddle? Personally, I would have gone with a more manageable size…..

The paddle was huge.¬† Don’t remember where it came from.¬† But the problem with a paddle like that is that you don’t have to swing it hard for it to hurt a lot.

So while the paddle swings don’t necessarily look hard, they were killing the girls (so they say and I believe them).¬† You will have to believe they were feeling those stings of the giant paddle.

On a side note, I just read, if I read it correctly, that the beguiling Sierra Salem has shot new(?) material for the My Spanking Roommate site….what’s the scoop on this?

The thing about My Spanking Roommate is that since it is a spanking soap opera, with complicated storylines and recurring characters, sometimes the episodes are shot just before they are released and sometimes they are shot way ahead of time.

A while ago (before she apparently got out of the spanking scene),¬†Sierra shot a few episodes, the first of which is running now, the next isn’t slated to run until early next year (as that is when its story fits into the plot line).

On the flip side,  Mary Jane just did a shoot recently with Kay and Madison and that will be the next two episodes running on My Spanking Roommate.  So Sierra is in our spank bank, so to speak, with returns coming now and next year.

Thanks for your time, and keep up the cherry red awesomeness.

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