That face…from a recent wickedly exquisite update from SpankRed 3D — purveyors of all original, all wicked hot illustrated spanking fantasies.

A few more smouldering spanking images from this recent series.  Visit SpankRed 3D for instant access to the illos in all their full-size glory, and to enjoy tons more original spanking artwork.   And while not daisy dukes, gotta’ love those tiny yellow short-shorts.

P.S.  SpankRed3D is no stranger to outdoor spanking scenes; i.e. check out this naughty cowgirl.

Top Buns

Hot spankette Nisha displays her gorgeous buns over tireless spanker Mike’s seasoned lap in a delicious film from the wicked hawtttt Spanked in Uniform.  In case you missed it, check out a 2012 interview with pro-spanker and SIU producer Mike.

nisha spanked in uniformFor more info, surf on over to Spanked in Uniform to watch schoolgirls and nurses and cheerleaders and police cadets and flight attendants and more, get the discipline they deserve….and crave! ^_^

spanked in uniformP.S.  And yes, Dear Readers, I appreciate the emails, tweets and requests and shall be featuring more Casey Calvert piccies, rockin’ cotton panties n’ pigtails and also red dropseat jammies, from the excellent domestic discipline film “A Mother’s Concern,”  playing Now only at GirlSpanksGirl — folks are crazy for Casey, and I can’t blame ya!   Also got something cooking, editorially speaking, with new Sweetie, and spank/fetish model Willow May, who just debuted on Spanked Sweeties. These sites are available via the Clare Pass.

Caught Red Bottomed, Part Deux

“This was your idea! Owie!” … “No, this was YOUR stupid idea!”……Caught tanning each others hides, these two misbehaving hotties each get a bun-blazing tanning of their own on SpankRed3D.

To enjoy tons more spanking illustrations, perv on over to:

SpankRed3D computer rendered spanking artwork

* * *

Check out some Real Spanking classics playing on-demand at CherryRedMovies:


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