Super Cute Poppy Debuts on Sweeties

Poppy stars on Spanked SweetiesTake a break from the NFL football playoff madness (I’d so much rather watch these two teams btw!) and feast your eyes on the deliriously delicious Poppy, who makes her debut on SpankedSweetiesshe’s interviewed at length about her spanking experiences growing up, and stars in several scorching hot domestic discipline scenarios.   BTW would love to see Poppy rockin’ some drop-seat PJ’s in a future scene someday.

You can also hook up with Sweeties via the better-valued multi-site Clare Pass.  Enjoy some preview pix below….

spankedsweeties poppy

Perky bottom squirming and glowing hot and red, Poppy learns a lesson the old-fashioned way on Sweeties.

belt whipping for poppyDaddy knows how to get his message across to naughty daughter Poppy.

Paddling that bottom

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poppy spankedsweeties
This is a screen-shot from her candid interview on SpankedSweeties about her real-life spanking experiences growing up.   Poppy is so beautiful!


Shay Golden, and Her Daisy Dukes, Debut on SpankedSweeties


[Addendum: I added in a brief Q&A with Shay to the end of this post.]

Whoa….What exquisite imagery.  A pair of perfecttttt daisy dukes, snug and skimpy, cherry redness glowing underneath…and….errm… mm…Clare welcomes a new stunner to the line-up at Spanked Sweeties [also available via Clare’s multi-site Spank Pass], the amazingly spankable adult film star Shay Golden, who plays a terribly naughty daughter clad in deliriously tiny and tight daisy-dukes who gets punished otk by Mom, wonderfully played by Clare Fonda. One is never too old at Clare’s house!

I just watched the first part of this vid on Sweeties and it’s a sizzler. Clare absolutely gets these domestic scenes just pitch-perfect, playing an old-fashioned, hard-spanking Mom to perfection, from the facial expressions to the verbal interplay and scolding and otk positioning. And Shay perfectly plays the role of petulant, fresh, incorrigible, and bratty daughter, resulting in some traditional, butt-blazing over-the-knee discipline, cherry red-style.

You can watch a sampling of some her XXX adult vids on-demand on her page Here at CherryRedMovies. Shay is also interviewed candidly on Sweeties, and talks about spankings growing-up from her Mom….

Free Spanking Galleries:

Shay also filmed a M/f spanking scene, and here’s a yummy gallery of Shay getting man-spanked OTK. And she also gets a hot paddling and otk spanking in a miniscule denim min-skirt. And here’s another gallery with Clare tanning this hottie’s hot hide.

The allure of skimpy short-shorts is too strong for this spanko. Be that as it may, I do think it’s one of the most extensive collection of daisy dukes pix, and thusly spankable hotties, that you’ll find.

These photos are just…exquisite. Love the expressions and camera angles. And Shay and her bodacious backside. Pictured below, this naughty starlet awaits the wooden paddle in a forthcoming M/f scene, in the smallest miniskirt I have set eyes upon in quite some time.

A Brief Cherry Red Q&A with Shay Golden

Thank  you for taking the time to chat with the Cherry Red Report! How is everything going for you in the adult film biz these days?

Awesome..I have come a long way since my first start of my career just doing solo video, and now you can see me shooting with some of the best companies in porn valley. I have a new reality show coming out, working on developing my own website, new dvds, and also new scenes!

Sounds great! I must say, I just saw your spanking pix/vids up on Sweeties and found them…breathtaking.

Thank you. That was my first spanking shoot and, I have to be honest, I had a great time — minus the sore butt, as it was hard to sit down lol….

So as an up and coming adult film star, what made you decide to shoot these sizzling spanking scenes with Clare Fonda?

Well I did a mainstream movie called Bloody Mary 3D and the director/producer of the film asked me how I liked spanking shoots..and that’s pretty much how Clare and I came into contact.

Have you had a lifelong interest in the spanking kink, or is this something new for you?

Always thought about it, but most guys are lame and just want to fuck and not experience the kink side.

How did you feel being over Clare’s lap getting a good, hot spanking? clad in those amazing daisy duke shorts of yours?

That was hot, especially from a woman with a good strong hand and hearing that clap bounce off my cheeks — it puts it into more reality as a Mom would.

Would you like to film more spanking shoots in the future?

Yes and actually, I’m already booked with her again.

Watch Shay Golden and many other Sweeties get their butts blazed, in addition to candid interviews about their spanking experiences:

Miss Chris Invades Clare Fonda Manor!


Fab news from Clare Fonda:

The unstoppable, iron-handed Pro Domme Miss Chris [who also recently spanked the stunning Joelle on the site Punished Brats] makes a butt-blazing visit to Fonda Manor to film some cherry red ass-sizzling scenes for Spanked Call Girls, with Ms. Fonda herself(!) on the receiving end of some glowing hot discipline — Clare playing a snarky, foul-mouthed Madam who gets some traditional behavior therapy.

Clare explains the scenario, now playing on Spanked Call Girls: “‘[Miss Chris] has a very hard spanking hand and is mad as hell since Clare had her daughter in a callgirl ring. The angry mom wants revenge and shows up at Clare’s home only to take the grown woman and put her over her knee for a bottom blistering spanking. Clare brats off to Chris like she is an angry little girl — but Chris sees Clare as a woman completely responsible for turning innocent young ladies into full-on hookers and gives her one of the hardest F/f handspankings…”

But that was not all for Miss Chris.  The hard-spanking Top had to deal with a naughty boy on Clare’s excellent male sub site: Clare Spanks Men, featuring gorgeous Tops tanning naughty male brats. Below we have Miss Chris tanning the bare ass of a naughty boy by the name of Kade. He won’t be sitting comfortably for a bit, with a cherry red backside.

Free Galleries:

One is never too old for a spanking — be sure to check out the latest spankable Sweetie on Spanked Sweeties: new spanko starlet Sophia Locke, who plays a naughty teenage daughter punished by a tradtional Mom. Some truly delicious pix below, with Sophia refusing to get out of bed and her Mom having none of her fresh mouth and attitude!

Wow……that bottom is made for spanking….cherry-red style.

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