Exclusive! Judge Judy Punishes Paris Hilton!

Judge Judy Spanking Paris Hilton. Parody created by “Mr. Hyde”

You saw it here first! A big thank you to The Graphics Wizard Known as Mr. Hyde for creating this custom, exclusive, very realistic looking parody image, Judge Judy spanking Paris Hilton, for The Cherry Red Report. The photo is based on the classic image used for this blog’s banner, which is from a mid-90’s spanking mag, possibly “Spank Hard.”

Anyway, I love how it features the annoyingly ubiquitous Paris Hilton, the world’s most spankable, bratty heiress. Gotta tell you, I was in such a foul mood tonite, until this arrived in my email a few minutes ago.

What’s next? Governor Sarah Palin getting taken to the woodshed by John McCain? Bernie Madoff getting his butt beaten by Bill Gates? Martha Stewart getting spanked by anybody? The mind whirls at the possibilities.

[Reader Feedback Request: Which celebrities would you like to see parodied by Mr. Hyde? Comments welcome as always]

I first became completely intrigued with Mr. Hyde’s parody creations on the fine blog of Mr. Chross, and had to learn more about his work. And you gotta love folks that have tons of fun with this lil’ fetish of ours.

But be warned, no celebrity is safe from his computerized Photoshop skills! Britney. Madonna. Jennifer Aniston. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And more.

Mr. H gave CRR the scoop on this perfect parody:

“I figured it’s kind of funny given that Paris did a scant 45 days in jail – this parody depicts how Judge Judy would have handled the sentencing! Plus Judge Judy is really kind of terrifying, so I reckon she makes for an interesting spanker.”

Thank you again Mr. Hyde–this one is getting framed.

* * *

Pictured below: Here’s another spankstatic parody Mr. Hyde made for Chross’ blog. You just know the ever kinky Madonna is aching in real-life to spank some serious sense into Britney’s prominent posterior. Spank me baby one more time.

* * * * *

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