American Spanko

What’s up spanky peeps.  Wonderful parody I recently stumbled upon in my pervy files, of one of the most iconic, and most parodied, paintings of the 20th century, Grant Woods “American Gothic” — the original version of which always made me yawn terribly. [I do not know unfortunately who created this parody.]

Here we have the farmer’s gloomy, dour expression, as depicted in the original painting, now cleverly transformed into one of, perhaps, delightful mischief.  And the woman’s modest attire morphed into something a bit more, well, spanktastic.

Certainly do dig this version heaps better; be that as it may, for us spankos, a sturdy brush or well-worn paddle would have been more apropos than a riding crop, don’t you think?


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More Evidence That All Superheroes Are a Bit Spanko

A never-before-seen, ultra-rare Batman comic panel was recently unveiled at Sothebys auction house — displaying yet more evidence that many superheroes lean toward the “pervy,” and spanko, spectrum of disciplinary behavioral tendencies.  Be that as it may, after all these years, I’m still in love with Wonder Woman.


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The Terminator: Rise of the Spankos

The Terminator: Rise of the Spankos

Anyone seen the latest butt-kicking Terminator blockbuster starring Christian Bale and Clare Fonda?

Let me tell you, Clare Fonda kicks serious cherry red ass in her role as the last remaining spanko on Earth, attempting to survive against the crushing power of the ubiquitous “machines” !

But will the devious digital devices rule the kingdom, or will the ass-sizzling spankos inherit the Earth — and what is left of it?!?!  Run…don’t walk to your nearest theater.

[This has been a movie poster parody exclusively created by the pervy mind of Dave at CherryRedReport.]

* * *

Image of Clare Fonda used with kind permission of Clare Fonda Enterprises.

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