Wicked Hot Cherry Red Spanking Galleries

Gorgeous brand new illustration!  The masterful artistic creators at SpankRed 3D are on a roll — their latest updates continue to dazzle!  Visit their site for Instant access to tons of sizzling, steamy, realistic illustrated spanking fantasies.

Bun Blazing Cherry Red Spanking News

What up my spanky peeps? Well, I say, there is certainly heaps of cherry redness in the spanky world – it’s a challenge to keep with all the latest and greatest hawtness.  But we here at CRR are gonna’ try, so here are some recent sizzling highlights.

Triple A Spanking features this extremely delicious update, featuring the rarely seen “wheelbarrow” position, starring the delicious Mishka.  Extremely sexy hotness. Check out a mouth-watering preview photo gallery. Uh huh.

*  *  *

A naughty Naval cadet gets a good dose of the leather strap on Spanked in Uniform:

*  *  *

Blistered rears and tears are the name of the game at Bun Beating Fun, something new model Summer learns the hard way:

*  *  *

Veronica Ricci, rocking super cute pigtails, experiences first-hand how ass blistering Continue reading “Bun Blazing Cherry Red Spanking News”

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